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Loving you was everything I thought it would be And so much more than I could have imagined Loving you was canceling plans to spend time with you
If I’m being honest, I’m not sure I’m strong enough. We write poems and songs and stories To convince ourselves to let go To move on That something better will come along Each breakup is empowering
The wounded healer is a savor who only want to help for her sins. The wounded healer is strong minded but we train it to be passive.
I've never been a man to stand tall... I've never been the man to call... The voices; I'll kill them all... Waiting for the sky to fall...   There was something about that day,
We say that we are beneath   
There's been ample bloodshed, There's been plenty of death. They've had enough pillage, They've had enough breath.   They've taken my childhood,  One I didn't get the chance to know.
I remember the nightmare– No, the February afternoon– When the garden shifted for what we dream could be the last time  It was impossible to watch such a disgusting tragedy  But our eyes were clawed open
every once in a while i am greeted by the beauty of the Earth. beauty in its rawest form, a never-ending light. the fire of the Earth
Dear TBD, I need some time.  But- You’ll ask why and I dont know how to tell you Its you.  Time.  That is the spell keeping me standing here.  But- I’m not sure how to fix this. 
Dear past me,               He told you, so you thought               “I'm not good enough”               She said so, so you thought               “I look too fat in this dress”
No one ever falls on purpose, I knew you were no good for me, but I ignored what was under the surface. I was told you were a flirt, but that is what reeled me in. You acted intrested, so I put up my guard again.
Created for relationship - that's what they say. Severely precious. Always enough. Captivating. Longed for. Loved. Fought for. Full of potential. Bought at the highest price.
I used to believe the evil I had no reason to fly I did not believe that i had wings Someone tucked them in deep I am convinced the plan was never for them to be found I used to believe the ohana
Many lives abruptly taken Leaving the world crushed and aching Driven by a corrupt ideology Or just a psychotic philosophy Their actions bare an unforgivable cost For all groups whom felt the lost
                                  //Colours// The touch of a lover The brilliance of colour Oh, tell me how it feels To know that she calls You hers?   You said to me, “She’s only trying
Some days I long to be like the ocean Gently drifting in a world of deep blue And exotic life forms. The crest of my waves protect me from the terrors of hate And even at low tide I am still loved.  
It's Enough Just to swim In the deepness Of the Sea It's Enough Just to twist As I'm unlocked  With a Key It's Enough Just to have Your eyes gaze  Down on Me  
This is how it goes: You are yellow you know most embrace the color your small eyes. But I am not!  I am more than that! I have eyes, yes! So do you!
Curvy, skinny, thin, or fat. What should I wear, should I eat that? Should I talk slower, should I walk faster Am I too talkative? Should I shut up?
In sunshine or rainIn pleasure or pain   In trial or triumphYou are my Godand You are enough.   You make the day,and end the night,Thank you Lordfor my religious rite.  
Do you think its ok to keep trying  even though you are not  good enough    Do you think that  its ok to keep going  even though you have tried hard but still have tasted defeat 
she barely drank the poison, barely tasted it at all. she walked home a little dizzy, suprised she didnt fall. she snuck through her window, afraid to just walk in the door.
The knowing of time not being long enough- We waste it with our assumptions of its endlessness.  We assume theres enough,  That there will always be tomorrow. For those with a tomorrow, That never comes,
Sometimes the cloud makes it hard to think There are thoughts rushing through my mind People telling me who I should be What I should wear  How I should look   I think I'm not good enough
Growing up an obese child Feeling alienated by peers mind was running wild           heart breaking through the years being told I had a pretty face Getting affection was really rough
I bottled all my tears to save for rainy days I put my bad thoughts in a box and sent it into space   I framed all my smiles and kept them on display I bagged up all my feelings and threw them all away  
Who am I?
What do you do when the words “it’s okay,”  just simply aren’t true?  What can be done when the body aches against the phrase, stomach tied tight in webs like spiders, tongue standing still like a silent statue?
why cant i be enough, turned asied like a stray i cry why arent i enough. he stands over me tall with hes head held high no hesitation just pride.
there's never enough time enough time it's always running out running running out the clock ticking ticking ticking pulsing surging Rushing I'm always Rushing
What the hell is wrong with you?Don’t you know I’m beaten and blue?Leave me alone.I’ve done nothing to you.
Here's one from several months back:   Weighed down by the mistakes of my past A pebble, a rock, a mountain on my shoulders At first I ran, regrets like quicksand sucking at my feet
Tell me about how the end of the world Tell me about how much we have been fighting for. Should I hold on to the ideas of how I wanted to save this world by myself?
Some days you can't stand the pain It feels like you're always losing this game
The days when you try to look nice, 
Enough already I've had enough If you knew what I went through You wouldn't think you're so tough Enough already Enough  
I miss the days where we could be carefree. No bills. No anger of any real sort. No stress. No money to worry about managing. But that was a world we lived in as children. Young and unaware of the World's true colors.
  i wonder if ..  
is i love you enough  is i miss you enough are words enough  are we enough  is love enough  is life enough  am i enough 
I’m giving up So sorry I just can’t anymore I can’t keep trying so hard for naught And I can’t waste my time I’m giving up happiness Because nobody gives a fuck about mine So why should I?
Don't linger in your reverie so long Inside you hear that familiar voice Only keeping yourself holding on To the idea that you don't have a choice In what you're worth, what you offer
Dear Mrs. _____,   You think because I’m quite I have no voice. You confuse my shy demeanor for submission. You confuse my respect for cowardice. You were wrong.
Am I more than just a breath escaping from a pair of lungs? More than just a beat drumming in a chest? More than just the lakes residing in my veins? Yes, I am more. I am love and sweat
Sit down. Shut up. and listen to me for once. I have a few things to say that I think are very just. I'm going to begin by saying that I Am Enough. You often go out of your way
You want to know why girls are such bitches? because we were never taught to love ourselves.  We are constantly being told that we are too fat, or we should be good at sports, we wear too much makeup, or we don't wear enough
Come on Only 5 more minutes What have I learned today Focus The focus is on sports And new Mac books in the library And flat screen TVs in the cafe   4 more minutes
Staring at a blank page it's amazing how the lines seem to blur Tears distort my vision but i see like ive never seen before I can see past your smile And every gentle touch I can see past your love
You exhaust me. That hardly describes it. I wish there was a better phrase for putting my emotions through a spin cycle. You didn't even hang me out to dry.
Because I've had enough Because this day just seems to be too much Because this pen in my hand can speak better than I Because my life is ever fleeting and I might not survive I push, I shove, I break away
I concur. If it's against my religion, it should be illegal. And while we're passing laws, let's make divorce illegal, and premarital sex, and tattoos and drugs and alcohol
When love breaks its like a storm Inside everything is torn The smell of rain is rolling in You know this love is about to end For a moment everything stalls While the first rain drop has time to fall
I'm never the one that gets love Never the one that gets wanted There is always another I hate to compare but they never stare my way Everyday I just wish to wear a mask
When you find yourself sitting in the sun, a light, unbothering wind upon your thoughts, escaping into the air through your contended expression,
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