Gun Law

Many lives abruptly taken

Leaving the world crushed and aching

Driven by a corrupt ideology

Or just a psychotic philosophy

Their actions bare an unforgivable cost

For all groups whom felt the lost

Breed and feed off of somber

Remember in November


Aurora, Sandy Hook, Pulse, and even Emanuel A.M.E.

Not any of these suspects were convicted of a felony

All examples of unbearable shootings that spooked America

Sending most stable civilians into hysteria

Sorry to our founding fathers: Washington, Adams and Jefferson

These Gun Laws must change in The Constitution

This problem must not become a blur

Remember in November


My fellow Americans

Eliminate hate and fear under our skins

Keep faith and dignity

stand with Democrats and Hillary

to prevent further massacres and killings

Our choice for the next leader is shocking

But battling against Trump, it will be her

Remember in November

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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