You want to know why girls are such bitches?

because we were never taught to love ourselves. 

We are constantly being told that we are too fat, or we should be good at sports, we wear too much makeup, or we don't wear enough

we aren't smart enough, we shouldn't be emotional, we should be upset about boys, our eyebrows should weirdly match,

and I'm pretty sure that even if I spent 24 hours a day trying to perfect my image, I would still be not enough.

How can you love somebody else when you can't love yourself?

How can we live in a society where nobody is thought of as a good person? 

That there is ALWAYS something wrong with us? 

How can people function when there is nothing to work towards?

Sure, we all "know" nobody can be perfect 

but we don't believe it. 

We want to be the execption to the rule.

and we are willing to do anything to get there.

We will starve ourselves, or get hair literally ripped out of our skull. 

We will work out for 5 hours instead of homework, and get up 3 hours early to do our hair

We would do anything, and then when we finally think we have achieved it, we think we are


we don't have enough friends, we have too many opinions, we are too dumb

we didn't spend those 5 hours on homework, or get the sleep we needed

If you want to know why girls are such bitches its because we just want to get ahead

and the only way we were taught that, is to push everybody else down.


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