Last Straw


Dear Mrs. _____,


You think because I’m quite I have no voice.

You confuse my shy demeanor for submission.

You confuse my respect for cowardice.

You were wrong.

How can you yell at me for something so innocent?

How can you scorn me for asking questions?

How can you stand to bring your students down?

How dare you?

Teachers are supposed to encourage, not destroy.

Teachers are meant to cultivate and engage, not push away.

Teachers are supposed to be accessible, not unkind.

‘Teacher’. That’s what you call yourself, but you are not a teacher.

Don’t worry,

I will not let you make me feel less.

I won’t shed one more tear and

I refuse to waste one more thought on your angry words.


From now on you must address me with respect because

For you to demand respect you must show respect first.

And know, that you are my equal.

Being the ‘teacher’ doesn’t make you more of a person.

You thought I was below you.

You even thought you had me figured out.

Well get ready -- because now you found me.


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