Mon, 06/24/2013 - 21:14 -- krcobb


Because I've had enough

Because this day just seems to be too much

Because this pen in my hand can speak better than I

Because my life is ever fleeting and I might not survive

I push, I shove, I break away

But I have an urging feeling that is making me stay

Stay amongst the stress and the pain

The stress, the pain, that makes me stay

Makes me think

Makes me reach

For more

My personal escape, my hide away

In these words I find the strength 

Strength that embodies my every breath

I knock down every boundary that surrounds me

Breaking through, feeling free

Becoming everything I am meant to be

I do not only write because I've had enough

Of the lies, of the stares, of the injustice

I write because I am 



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