Wed, 01/14/2015 - 02:49 -- nyahD44

why cant i be enough, turned asied like a stray i cry why arent i enough. he stands over me tall with hes head held high no hesitation just pride. you will never be enough he says,judging the length of my hair the color of my skin and the curves of my body that sing a song of love and hate.will i ever be enough in a world that make women scared to thrive to walk with a beat with their head held high. but yet that beautiful girl will never be come confident, am i enough know? how could you ever be enough you dont wear the right clothes act a certin way fit the look you will never be enough. the harsh words that can break a girl of her spirt and make her feel unloved. the warm and soft kiss we though ment more to him was just another kiss. ladies we are the canvas guys want to paint us the color of smashed hymens. the color of trust lies and broken promises feeing some comfort and  acceptance from hes touch she will do whatever it takes to be enough. starving her body wearing the clothes that were expected of her to wear. know your enough he says as i took my place by him like i had won a prize but where was my pride. i know i am enogh from the way i am he swish in step the voice i speak i will speak till my voice shakes till i sing the words of truth. i am enough i let them tear me of my dignity and strip me of my ambitions. i am enough form the length my hair to the color of my skin and the curves of my body that i write another song of love and happiness.enough we should all know we are enough.


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