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Four years old -- my eyes open up wide
Because when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did WASN'T to look in the mirror. Because before I left this moning, the first thing I DIDN'T do was focus on what I am not.
The rain, Its such a marvelous thing. Washing away the impurities Splashing against the ground Like small soldiers dropping Scrubbing, Scrubbing away all the ugly.
I am perfect, on the inside The masterpiece has not fully manifested itself on this canvas yet But still, I am flawless in His eyes
I used to look in a mirror and see nothing more than a pale, meaningless skeleton Encompassed by pasty, white flesh with scars that seemed to never fade away no matter how much they healed,
We have all been there: The awkward stage. We all can relate To those uncomfortable times.   When all the girls had Frizzy uneven hair And boys had scrawny Arms and glasses.  
There was a face A face I analyzed like a dissection  Blemished with scars and beauty marks Stained with exhaustion and fear Consumed by society’s ideals A face that did not realize what it was worth
I am, a soul of passionfor people and life.I am, the kind,the kind to build a bridge
Let me stand out. Let me stand out so I can be me. Because the me that I am, is flawless, and wouldn't change a thing. You may call me names I don't agree with, or labels that I don't accept. Let me stand out and be different.
I woke up in this body Without any glamour whatsoever Loving myself forever Without idolized beauty Sounding a little bit loopy I woke up in this pattern Without a round tootie
Listen to me, oh Muse, and help me tell the story Of the young man with great determination. The one who worked for years on a single goal To turn his belt the darkest of all colors.
When I was a child I wanted to fly I would squeeze my eyes closed and try:  it always went awry.  
Short, wavy , black hair Beauty marks here and there. Small eyes,thin lips, Little waist , wide hips,
A man of wisdom and everlasting truth  If I was there, Sir, I would have yelled "Don't shoot!" 
It takes a lot of patience To be a girl like me. To work so hard for lots of things That my friends all get for free   It takes a lot of courage To be a girl like this
My scars are my greatest beauty. They are my greatest flaws, But they are what make me flawless.   Each scar tells a success story, Something I’ve fought And overcome.   Club foot,
I am flawless, for I wake each morning with an open mind. I am flawless, even when the mirror says otherwise. I am flawless; I always have the opportunity to learn something new. I am flawless; my words can move a crowd.
Misconceptions of color began  with veins.   I heard they ran a shock of blue as cold  as my lips when they touched my last lover, but the anger I felt during the fallout of 
Complacency  will be the death of me, Admonished by life's many things. As I regain my fallen feet this fallen world has timed my beat- The bleeding of my heart.
Fat.  Stupid. Ugly. Fake.  These are the things girls call each other. We dig and pry at others with our words. We tare each other down, as if it will build us up.
   It’s all done and said. That smile you once had was only a fake. I can't believe you fooled me once again. The trust we had made was only the beginning.
To be honest Physically, I am not in any way lacking flaws. I have hair in places I don't think it belongs, I have fat stick out where I'd rather it not.
When my voice alone proves me powerless,
Thick thighs, hazel eyes, the voice of an angel. In her own lane. Makes her own labels. We see you! We see you! Bow down bitches! Beyonce coming through.  
  There was a time when I had lost all of my confidence.
My world broke me down. You're  Fat Ugly Stupid Bitch Slut Worthless A waste of space A waste of time Fucked Up Not worth it   NO!
The dictionary says th
This skin has seen the light of the sun, Felt the sting of the wind, Been quenched by the water, And cradled by the Earth. It's been stretched and split, Scratched and burned but still,
“You’re a nerd,” “You’re ugly,” there are so many things people say to knock us down. But don’t listen to it, it’s not true. That is not how we should be defined. All the comments and all the looks, they cause us to drown,
They think I’m, flawless. My grades are, flawless. My body is so fit I run with a tight clique. They think I’m, flawless. I’ve achieved all this.
Most days I am a vibrant scarlet red Vibrant and dramatic My personality shines through even the toughest paper
God is the maker of all        mankindHes so flawless he will blow     your mindI wanna be a member of    his     teamTrying to live holy with
Once Upon a Time A phrase so grand It gave every little child A chance to take a stand   But this phrase so gleeful So beautiful and nice Always came back And had a chance to bite
"You are beautiful in each way that I can
Sun shining bright through the window's ruby curtains, She got up. Hair in disarray, Face a mess with squinted brown eyes, She was bare, untouched, raw  
A queen fit for her thrown as flawless as me, Flawless I am effortlessly. Is it the way I tilt my head to the sky as I walk? Or is it that I built a self made thrown too flawless to be turned down?
To learn how the world works
Darling You delicately crafted Beautifully flawed
My ambition with that alone I could conquer the world Despite my confidence, my drive could get me anywhere
Another I day I wake, incontinent with what I am. I hold the power of change, but that is not my plan. I want to start accepting myself, just the way that I am.  No more judgement to my figure whether full or thin,
My name is flawless
How many people can say they are from China and live in America? A lot. How many can say that but are also adopted? A lot, but not as many.
Flawless to most peoeple Is A Look A Look That God Gave   Flawless To Most People Is A Feeling A Feeling Of Believing Flawless To Most People Is Their Own Imperfections
YOU look at me and all you see is messed up, distorted images but when I look in the mirror, I see the real me.   I see a quiet girl who came out of her shell and now has a hell of a tale to share.
Everyone looks at me Wondering who could she be So pretty and tall Her hair just falls
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