finally beautiful.

"You are beautiful in each way that I can think of."


The tears that dropped from my eyes, you caught
and created nourishment for my wilting heart.

You continuously teach me the meaning of confidence,
loving me every step of the way. Your hands, wrapped in mine,
wrapped around me, or holding my face;
immediately flustered. Smiling on the outside, melting on the inside
My sunshine, pure sense of happiness, I cannot help but
truly thank you from the bottom of my reconstructed heart
Because without you showing me how to love, I couldn't love you.
I wouldn't be able to love myself

This plus-sized frame had no shame in shaming herself,
yet you would pick her back up and 
never yell at her, try to force the thought of beauty in her mind.
Subtle-like, carefully, you molded her into the smart, young woman
that she is to become. You've gotten her through many months
of black thoughts and even blacker nights. You've made her realize
that black is beautiful,

the quriks and imperfections that she's harbored to make unique to her are gorgeous.
Her mind is back on the track it's supposed to be. 
These plum-colored lips could kiss your cheek as the beautied, chocolate brown
eyes looked at you in amazement
and you would still find a way to tell her that she didn't need anything on her face

She was naturally beautiful.


So, I thank you, reflection in the mirror
Soft brown eyes, cheeks high from smiling, i thank you
for finally understanding me. 
Finally securing the eradication of my insecurities
I'm now free, I understand. Though I am not completely healed,
I'm on a track of success.


I love you.



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