Living Flawlessly


We have all been there:

The awkward stage.

We all can relate

To those uncomfortable times.


When all the girls had

Frizzy uneven hair

And boys had scrawny

Arms and glasses.


I can relate to such a time as well,

When I had bad acne

And crooked teeth.

Not to mention all that “baby fat”.


I wasn’t intelligent either.

I was the most clueless of

All the students.

My mind was always so blunt.


Math was my worst enemy

And my darkest nightmare.

A poor grade was like an

Everyday milk delivery.


It was normal for me to fail.

I failed to be normal.


When you evolve into someone

Older and wiser,

You begin to see things differently.

Things you’ve never acknowledged.


I grew up.

This was shocking to those who knew me.

My grades and looks changed

As well as my immature and childish behavior.


Through all the medicines,


And potions,

The acne vanished.


My height then increased,

Thining my odd body shape

Into a body taller than

My own mother.


When I entered high school,

Everything that raced through my mind so wildly

Like deep ocean waves



The way I think and organize,

The way I speak and present myself,

The way I smile and laugh,

The way I have become a woman.


This is something I never saw happening.

I am still unaware of all I am capable of and who I am.

All I know for sure is I am Flawless.

I was flawless back in my awkward stage.


Those flaws that stuck to me like


Made me that beautiful woman I am today.


I am flawless.

My flaws are flawless.

Beacuse a flaw is an impurity or error.

What do you consider a flaw?



Those “flaws” I possessed back then, They were more as strengths

To help me become the strong individual I am now. 

Back then, you may have hurt me due to my weakness that

Were strengths all along. 

Most people would be hurt or embarrased.


This is because flaws are mistakes we make.

Flaws are errors.

If we correct them, It is as if they were

Never flawed.


I am perfect.

I am valuable

As well as all the others

That may drag across the earth.


Flaws are what we see as errors.

Perfection is all that we can correct and polish

Until we are completely sparkling;




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