Be Yonce.

Thick thighs, hazel eyes, the voice of an angel.

In her own lane. Makes her own labels.

We see you! We see you!

Bow down bitches! Beyonce coming through.


I look at myself in the mirror and wonder what it takes to be you.

Man, how it would feel to walk a mile in your shoes.

You’re beautiful and you know it,

Yet you said pretty hurts.

“Yeah right Bey, you don’t show it,”

I said with a smirk.

I stare at your picture that hangs on my wall.

Thinking I could be you, if I was that talented and could wear a size small…anything.


I look around and know I’m not alone,

Millions of young girls trying to come into their own.

We look up to you.

We think you are the picture of perfection,

wondering what must be done to go in that same direction.


Man, don’t get me wrong I love ya like a fat kid loves cake.

I was just listening to flawless the other day.

I finally got the message and true lyric’s meaning

To love yourself and follow your own heart’s beating,

To wake up like this and not like you,

To know who I am and always be true.

It was then I realized what you were trying to say…

To love being me, and stop trying to be Yonce.


Maritza Ruby Altamirano



Thanks Maritza! :)


I think this poem rocks!!!!!!! everyone wants to Be Yonce!!!!! Excellent!!!!

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