''Slam Behind the Curtain.''

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Trump is president He will make our lives better By breaking our hearts
The skies are grey like ashes Foggy like smoke The clouds water the earth beastily Washing away the green grass, the dirt- causing an erosion. This weather is depressing It seems never-ending
The moonlight rises, Illuminating my creativity. I gain a new breath of life, To foster my productivity.   I shuffle through my cards, Looking for a solution, Until I finally achieve,
Hardwork, passion and drive Are all that I need to survive I compete every day And fight the decay That the beast within me is after Thriving on failure And beating me down
I don't know who I am. I don't know where I am, or where I am supposed to be.  I find myself lost in different dimensions, I see the world in a million different perspectives. 
I say that I'm mean and nasty and that I dont care about any of you But really I do I feel everything, even though I don't want to Im not much of a poet but like a spider I can weave a web of stories
Ever sat there and wondered? Ever sat there and thought? Ever sat in the dark and wondered who you are? Ever avoid speaking words? Ever avoid being seen?
Quiet like a cat, He creeps around the house, barely a sound heard. Loud like an elephant, He makes his voice heard.   Free like the monarch, He flaps his wings and goes as the breeze.
You were so young and naive blinded and believed what the world said. They sparked the idea that you were the same that ... you were no different  As you got older you began to realize 
What do I see when I look in the mirror?What do people think when they hear my name?These questions could not be posed any clearer.Their answers should bring no shame.  I see someone who tries her best to be the best.They think of someone who make
An aspiring anesthesiologist, but it seems that will never be Intelligent in my own right but bound by the aftereffects of slavery
Who is the true you? A question I never thought would be answered. Surrounded by the darkness of insercurites and worries. Of me a teenage girl never going to be able to fit in. Until a switch flipped.
She heard me When no one else did. She heard my laughs She heard my cries She heard my heartbeat She heard my lies   She had never even seen me But she knew me on the inside
Immortal Pale and silver, hangs in the sky Floating within the waters, shy Whence out of the depth, a sparkling flock  Consumes the edge of mortal walk    Daytime bows to fateful death
Kate Creative, Open-minded, Friendly, Dedicated Daughter of Hard-workers, Sister of a Gamer, Friend of Adventure Seekers Lover of Painting, Volleyball, Friends, and Family Who feels Tired, Excited, and Anxious 
In the hours of the morningJust between 6 and 7I get out of bed and stare in the mirror That's when I'm most me But between 7 and 8
I am who I was made to be, I am orignal, Check all seven seas.  To be or not to be is the question? Oh wait I forgot to mention, The wall that hides me from the crowd, holds me back from being proud.
I came into this world a beautiful and chubby baby girl, 8 lbs. 3 oz. and a head full of black curls. My mother's first child, and it stayed that way for a while. Not a care in the world,
In the spring, the leaves are green And the flowers bloom while the blue birds sing The sunlight pours through the branches
I can’t say… I can’t say… I can’t say… But it seems like I’m running from my own past and future. It’s very difficult to find that own system balance.
There's a lot I consider to be my true self Like the way I cherish my dog scrappy Or how I try to sneak cookies off the top shelf Excitement floods through me when I visit my gran pappy
Spread your wings, little butterfly; Head to the sunny sky. Don't be afraid to take a chance, Life will always be a dance.   I can understand you fears, And even the few tears.
The bell rings signaling the start She can escape the stares                    and rude names. But through her phone she is led to a world            where she is brutally shamed.
The rain poured in the meadow It reflected my mood, sadness So let it rain   A butterfly landed softly on the railing over the river It is a single sign of happiness in this meadow
This world is full of monsters,  And it's hidden within us all. You are the kingdom I brought down to flames. Haunts in my dreams, Just want to end this suffering. You don't really know me,
I hate this act- that i feel i must put on. A silent bookworm, who sits in the corner, just wanting to be left alone. But i want to get out, i want to laugh without fear of judment,
 As tall as the clouds to you, yet are small as a pencil to the world.  Smooth to the thought, yet rough to the touch. As Strong as a mountain to man, yet as weak as flower to nature. Shelters, yet destories.
I am a young woman who is not like the rest. I don't wear dresses, long or short, wear high heals or make-up. I don't fit society way of "beautiful." I wear t-shirts, glasses, jeans and sneakers.
What defines me? I ask myself this often The majority answer would be A sun, the center of a solar system All the planets that orbit Are inhabited by the people And the experiences that surround me
Who is this in the mirror that I see ‘tis I  in the mirror, ‘tis me. Define this person, this person that I see.   Well do you see the warrior, the fearless man that you are?
I travel through an endless song, Through the abstract sound waves That have tracked me down, leaving me kneeling To a powerful God, who has taught me how to un-tie asphalt knots
I’m from the day of October 28, 1998 when I made an appearance in the world for the first time. I’m from the do and dont’s that my parents would always tell me.
I was always cautioned to not wander too close to the fire At this age, I was being introduced to temptation and desire. Innocently thinking, fire was beautiful; how could it hurt? Until I got too close and was burned.
I wear my heart on my sleeve Have you ever been in love A love so hard 
Everytime Out Expected  Crashed Spinning in Reasons Break Down in Paradise of Madness Every Time The Mind Drowns in Me Those Watery Eyes Speak Mistakes You and I against the World lets Play
we come from a long line of fishermangenerations and generations before we wake in the angry dawnemerging from humble cabinslike periwinkles caught in the tide
I am surrounded by the ones I LoveBy those that sacrifice for meBy those that bring me joyBy those that Love me
Please my brother, protect me Can this really be the price of mischief? Blades of whispers following me With the fear of what I could be
I am poetic Falling for syllables and consonants Weaving words into my vocabulary To create imaginary worlds My affection belongs to the fictional characters
Maybe I'm too poetic                   too romantic                   too To be something I'm not is easy But to be too poetic                 too romantic To be who I am is heartbreaking
Behind the curtain, I remove my mask feeling hopeless, hurt, and my pride destroyed. Tired of pretending that I am happy by joking around and making people laugh.
     We used to spend the days in a haze       of bliss       unaware, didn’t care, about the times we’d miss       together every day, time would fly       protected by my daddy, the captain
The world sees what you want them to see There is a vast majority of me That has been neglected and never seen the light of day With all of this getting in my way Ask my friends, they don't know my pain
She's so quite, you won't know she's here, You won't know of the pain, You won't hear of the tear.   She has lost the ones she held, Forced to live as a ward, Alone now her persona she has shelled.
 I carry grief from the  Father shaped crater in my heart  I carry an old family portrait as a  Reminder of a happier past  I carry pain because of  Other’s complaints  I carry my religion and
Who is the true me? I search deep inside  looking for the true me but there is no true me I have multiple dimensions of the true me All seeking to be satisfied All want to be glorified
Who I am seems to be such a common topic, To write down plainly and with perfect prose Exactly who and what I am, To become easily palatable,  No bitterness, no aftertaste that stings as it goes down.
They told me I appear as a concrete wall, Never bending or straining under the immense weight of society.
I am blind.  I hear all, but see nothing. 
Straight out of the autumn rain blood covered leaves spring the chalk outline of our brown sons 
I look in the mirror, what do I see? A girl whose crying, What's this mean to me? She looks to be pale, full of sorrow and sadness I begin to feels queezy, the more I glance Growing louder with tears ,
I live in constant pressure It's like a honest measure That I will not fulfill I feel forgot, for real I've known you my whole life but still You don't feel who I really am
I am the person who I was created to be. I am the person Anyone can see. The girl with long black hair Who has suffered Unimaginable loss The type of loss  no one can compare.
Well I woke up this morning And I stared in the Mirror I saw someone that isn't me. I don't know her, The girl who took my place, But that's okay boy,  Cos you seem to like her,
You became a stranger to me I can’t bear the silence that is shared between us. We go from lovers to strangers; Friends to acquaintances; We create the last part of the cycle where we barely know one another.
Fierce and determined Always looking for a challenge  Being aware and proud of the imperfections I am   A shoulder to lean on A reliable friend Willing to assist and smile while doing so
Girl in coffin thought dead but alive Located in a house that seemed deprived Old and unstable the house stood Made of stone but not wood On a strange day the narrator appeared
Most of the grass is green. I am dead and the dead grass is unseen. Does that mean that I am unseen also? I hope so.   Everybody says that every thing happens for a reason.
I'm fine I did my homework I love learning every day. This is what they expect from us, they tell us that everything gets harder after high school as if we don't already know that.
I grew up in a very sheltered home. My parents were protective, caring, and loving.
I am Me, I am a girl, I am from hard streets, I am from cold towns, I am as sweet as can be,   I am in love with my pencil, I am in love with my paper, I am in love with my creations,
He stood at the window and told me to stay strong He stood at the window and told me he was sorry and he loved me He stood at the window and said he would see me soon that it was okay to cry
Once a girl so young and sweet Soured so quickly, too soon Now a monster, trapped within Darkness and sadness overwhelm the sweet girl No one to talk to, alone in this world 
Through Valleys and forests we follow the sound, of empty song sung of crows and cows. In places of freaks and dark realities, we sing along to their frequent screams, This empty house we feel inside,
Invisible to many this is who I am I am one with many things Roots growing from within me and out onto the world This is who am Like many, troubles come and troubles go but in the end This is me
There's only one gas station in the center of town And well water that makes white clothes dingy While we discuss politics in the garage: "Do you always wear dresses?"   Lets go play with that dog.
While suffering from depression my mind is eiher constantly moving or completely blank, but when I see you my mind is at peace. There's always so many things I want to say or do
September comes The school year comes forth and does not Stop, not for anyone or anything Lines become long, cars bustled And for what? A bright school year   I gaze into my window
sometimes I am not happy. sometimes I am sad. sometimes I sit alone in my room. sometimes I drown myself in the music. sometimes I sit and cry. sometimes I hide behind the smile.
I’m on my lyrical hustle,caught up in the bustle,of the show,combatant with my flow,that sends shivers down your spine,I shoot my haters down,left for dead, Columbine.I come at you,
Mesmerized by the beauty Lost in the harmony She is Not focused on the problems But the glory Nor the sadness But their story Not attentive to their faults Only noticing the shine
I was a strange child.  I would flap my arms and pretend to fly.    I was a brave child.  I would climb the roof and play a private eye.    I was a loud child. 
I kissed a girl before I kissed a boy
I've never really believed in love because when I was younger I heard my dad say, "let's just stay together for the kids" behind closed doors, and my mom agreed with him for the first time in a long time                                          
When will they be home? Will they be okay? Will they just forget about me? How long must I long for them? When will we ever be together?  Why won't people put faith in us? Why not in just me?
If I were a book I'd be an compendium
She was told she's living a
Finding myself looking through these pictures I drew one day   But soon I realized that they  were all black and white in some way.   Black for dark cold memories I often wonder why 
I've got to get away I've got something to say. I've got to let it be known that i'm here in a loud tone. I'e got to reinstate my ability and pray for forgivness upon me. I've got to stand my ground
From the color of my skin to the texture of my hair! We are all in this world together so why not share! White,black,yellow,blue, red,or green. We are all playing a game of life so lets be on the same team!  
True me? Who, me? I'm just Sydney I am nobody to you I'm just a woman I'm just a student I'm just an artist What am I to you?  I'm a stranger
Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2AM A poem inspired by having Asperger's Syndrome  
This is me, cant you see, blue till noon, hit by room, caught in fire, people say i thee liar. words of fire, fears cant inspire and yet none to hear thee tire. who i am, what can i say, gone, along to find what went wrong?
My life is a series of questions. Who am I going to be? It all hinges on my decisions, Will I choose to be me?   For the first time in a while, Today I will be me.
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