A Moonlight Epiphany

Wed, 11/30/2016 - 23:06 -- tkrause

The moonlight rises,

Illuminating my creativity.

I gain a new breath of life,

To foster my productivity.


I shuffle through my cards,

Looking for a solution,

Until I finally achieve,

My moonlight resolution.


For many years now,

I have worked on my tricks,

Perfecting my magic,

To fool my skeptics.


But now I have done,

What I hadn't before:

Created an original trick,

I have grown to adore.


I now learn not from others,

But from deep within me,

A unique sense of invention,

This trick allowed me to see.


And as the moon fades,

I fall into a sleep,

But this new realization,

I will forever keep.


While others sought rest,

My brain churned with design.

I generated irreplaceable creativity,

Under the brilliant moonshine.


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