If I Were A Book

If I were a book

I'd be an compendium

Stories, poems, maps, recipes, songs,

Words would be my medium.


If I were a book

My lines would be triple-spaced

Because in the void so prolonged

The words I wanted to say were erased.


If I were a book

My cover would suprisingly plain,

And I would be overlooked on most shelves

Written in vain.


If I were a book

My font would be Times New Roman

Straight to the point

Efficiency is golden.


If I were a book

I wouldn't have a summary online

Because I would want to be read carefully,

Without skipping symbols or signs.


If I were a book

Every chapter would be scrambled

Each page would be looked at individually

To understand the meaning so rambled.


If I were a book

The main character wouldn't be very relatable

Because how many people whisper "petrichor" when it rains,

play the banjo,

read Kurt Vonnegut novels in maths class,

have nightmares,

are labeled?




If I were a book

I'd be perfect for me

And that's all I could ask for:

A book true to me.

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