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The familiar scratching at the inner linings of your throat like a cat scratching at the walls, screaming to be let out. The sensation of your airways closing like that time when a man you did not know choked you for reasons you did not know.
I wrote him a letter That he never read Explaining the things That he did to my head My wounds reopen My heart is raw If you could see The things I saw
You asked me to write for you, So I wrote of a boy with stars in his eyes, A bright soul, and his heart on his sleeve. I wrote about how he died and how the light left his eyes
To forget would be a blessing, to remember, a curse. Remember how he held my shoulders down  covered my screams with a sweaty palm, ripping  all pride from my body. I felt rage as he plunged through my body, 
Through the door, he's late again. Even in the dark, you can see his drunken grin. You close your eyes, choke back the tears- Still, he turns on the lights, wanting to see your fear.
You took me out on adventures all the time, knowing i had anxiety, saying it was fine. You didn't let my fears take over- every event was another step closer to feeling free from the anxiousness that was attached to me.
In the moments between words I was broken. In the space between my thoughts I was a victim. I was surviving every dagger to my lungs And calling myself weak.
A little girl She wanders in the night Searching for home Five years old with no place to go She doesn't understand why No one can see her No one can hear her No one hears her cries for help
ABUSED SURVIVER   Balling your fist Just hoping you missed Every single throw. But then agian Oh, there you go With every blow. Just knocking me down Smacking me around
Over the course of time I’ve caught a couple knives in the back From a couple friends I thought it was kinda weird how they thought It would feel good  
Please don't stop me, my love, let me lie down and kiss the ground,   let me taste the taste of freedom on my tongue and remember my  
He had haunting light brown eyes,
I have quite a few questions for you I've been wanting an answer for years Of course I can't really ask you I don't know where you are
You Stole from me something important Before I could understand to cherish it You  Lashed out at me For my overwheming emotions You Made me become Hateful of myself.....
it happened again. this time i was sober. which makes it worse. but whatever.   it was a little different. this time. you called me. wanting to talk.   so i came over.
Life is a pair of black corsets, fishnet stockings and cheap lipstick, suffering from the intoxicating riches of each breath. and in the midst of it all is a shadowed wrong turn, in which my legs keep gliding through air.
A little girl of such young age No choice while being restrained Molested and abused Raped and used Sexuality that defines her Body weight that reminds her A fathers disappearance blinds her
Am I not good enough for you? To earn your mercy?   Are the hungry not good enough for you? To earn your warmth?   Are the abused not good enough for you? To earn your kindness?  
She dances! She twirls! This amazing wind up girl! Come one! Come all! To see the painted smile doll! Put your order in today! We’ll send her, no delay! The price is really not that high!
Sarah She was born into an orphanage Her reading disability is awful Her emotionally traumatized brain can't help it Her life spent without being wanted   Justin Wishes he didn't have parents.
33 pieces of life journey,begged by the rich man,strangers called,mother and vinegar,morning was to come,many appeared to believe the holy city,watching the great stone to the door,
  If this is living, I'm not sure if I want to live.  If only I could move.. just get away, but I can only go where I am taken to. No one seems to like me and they seem to think
In a field full of dandelions, you grab me and say "love me or love me not", you throw a long stemmed flower at me and questionably ask "lets see!?". As I pick through the petals and I jokingly shout "love you not!!",
Do you know what it's like To be an outcast Caught somewhere between Wanting to fit in But not will to be One of them?
This poem is a comparison of my biological father, and My “Step-Dad”. The contrast of the two “fathers” has shaped me into the person that I am. Daddy’s Little Girl?
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