33 pieces of life journey

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 00:20 -- Cross

33 pieces of life journey,
begged by the rich man,
strangers called,
mother and vinegar,
morning was to come,
many appeared to believe the holy city,
watching the great stone to the door,
clear stains two thieves revealed,
betrayed graves were open,
watching things that were done,
ten years her teeth made loud noises,
6th hours of trust 
suffered many things these days,
chiefs, kings, priest,
9th hour seven times you must pray,

33 pieces of life journey,
one night a man had a dream,
walking through men and women,
cave with three waterfalls,
white cloth,
brown goldish hair,
touch on a shoulder,
" Belive" 
scene of the past grew older,

33 pieces of life journey,
saddest pain,
happiest place ever.
lost breath,
sun beaming face,
33 pieces of life journey,

6/28/13 3.49pm Cross Yoler


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