Tomorrow, you will be free

Please don't stop me, my love, let me lie down and kiss the ground,
let me taste the taste of freedom on my tongue and remember my
past no more. Let my tears mingle with the sand and the sun comfort
my soul, for the earth has opened up her mouth and swallowed my
past, no more pain, no more fear, only sweet music shall ring in my
Look down on her, O Lord, look down and see your daughter weeping
in the sand, she ripped out her heart and has cast it into the sea,
                      she said, "Tomorrow, I will be free."
But the ground where she laid is now drunken with her past, affliction
and confusion, the sea has spewed out her heart and the sun has hidden
his face.  I tried to comfort her and said,
                      "Come my love, come, for tomorrow is still yet to come,"
but she cannot be comforted, her body's covered with wounds I cannot
see and her words I do not understand.
Night is fallen and my soul grows weak, but I will not leave her, I will
cuddle her in my arms and and whisper in her ears,
                      "Tomorrow, you will be free,
                        tomorrow,     you     will     be     free."
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Our world


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