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One thought starts a dream, One smile sooths the soul, One good deed starts a flame One word can change a heart.   To the dreamer who's dream- Has expanded my nation, To the dreamer who's dream-
long ago, once upon a time  without a worry in the world I knew life would be just fine as I grew and as I learned  all of a sudden I had more concerns that really scared me at first
  He meant to marry honesty But cowardness has blessed his lips He meant to call bravery  But regrets and mistakes Were always on his tail He so much loved kindness But there goes fear
Dear One, I miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss your spirit and your craft. When I started this letter it was too late,  I should have written it before this date. You taught me kindness
Love is an uphill climb Filled with trials and tribulations We hold on to one another and push forwards Only whispering to each other four words;
They say love is patient, love is kind Love is silent, love is blind I say love is open, love is wild You can't contain it, or disclaim it Love isn't a negotiation or a contract
Sometimes words can be tossed,   Their actual meanings lost.      Sometimes words are hand selected,  
Under the blankets, From behind the pillow, I stare at the screen. Expectant. Giddy. I press a button on the remote- Click- the television flashes and I am gone.   CLICK
Let the sun shine down without being scared, let the birds sing free without any care, let there be a languid day, and may it be fair,
Most feelings are materialistic,  like receiving a gift or being complimented, or getting a splendid grade on a test,  or wearing a nice outfit that day. I desire deeper feelings.
There is something about The way it feels To make another person smile To make someone feel good There is something about The way it feels To make someone feel important
Dear brother of mine, Don't look down. All in given time.   Some days you'll be fine, Others you'll feel bound, Dear brother of mine.   Like His blood turns into wine,
If you think there is less love in the world, Think again. Because I see love when a parent waits for his/her child, when a child does everything to make his/her parent smile.  
You let a chair fall sideways, and you let a rope do you wrong. A basket filled with gratitude is now a basket filled with garbage.
I will be, and I will let my heart flood To the softest hum of Every Summer night   You will be, and You, I pray, will see peace The same peace I see Everytime I look at you  
Putting her on a pedestal makes you a fool. Lust only lasts for so long, so take time for yourself so you don't get stuck in the wrong. Return to your interests instead of what controls you.
I fell into his eyes...
Sitting patiently, Hearing closey for that tone, Just to make my day. When will it arrive? Am I just wasting my time? Must wait quietly.
It's Kind It Knows No Enemies It Thinks No Evil It Rejoices Truth   It Believes All It Never Fails It's not Faith or Hope It's Love.
Some days I'm on a ship in the clouds A captain of a ghost ship Nicknamed the Lone Wolf of the Stars I feel invincible being alone in the starry sky A knight in the night sky
O' how cruel mine own heart be! It cares not if my head forbids It to love so as to not be twain in half again.
So sweet and kind People may not see it, but I’m not completely blind…   You fill people with joy With your beautiful smile…
You tell me, "It's ok, it'll all be over soon." And in a way, you were right.   It was over.   My sense of direction and morality. The knowledge that what I fought for was freedom.
  Beyond Beautiful Today             Slip my mind, fly away             You enthrall my heart in everyway             Diamond shine, so you are
The people squirming Through each other Sprinting Pacing Chuckling Weeping Briefcases in hand Lunging For the office Laptops Cellphones Watches Files
You? How true Are you? Are you lost? In a faraway place Where you conceal Your true face Oh what color? Do you see Yes When you see me Do you see blue?
I am happy for her, She has beauty and heart, She deserves it for sure, Her soul is true art, All those who disagree, Calm down and let the girl be. 
Running though the woods, hiding in the bushes, breathing though the air. I walk though so carefully, and only to feel a stare. I see you, and fell in love, only the though of you stained my mind.
Compassionate and kind. These are synonyms of the word humane. A word with a root thats names one of the most violent, disrespectful and unfair race of beings in this universe.
Mr. C Why can't you be nice? Why can't you be kind? Don't you know that you're hurting others? Are you blind? Well I guess you are, 'Cuz you always stare at the ground.
My pen touches the paper.The ink slowly flows.The world spins idly byAs my story steadily grows.
Friends walk into our lives, and walk out as easily. It makes me question their strives, Isn't that terribly?
Smart and funny Honest and kind No greater friend Could one ever find Tall and handsome As well as a Kingsmen You're ranked number one Smiles and laughs A bundle of fun Quiet when needed
the good that is in the world, is not in the world at all, it is on the moon. the kind in the world, is not in the world either, it too is upon the moon.
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