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God asked me to sign a warranty

with a heart like mine.

I had to be aware

of the pain and damage

that I was going to endure

when I asked to be made gentle.


God tried to warn me.

He said life would never be easy.

That a request like this was so rare,

especially in today’s society.

I trust too soon and fall too hard

when it comes to loving someone.

I let down my walls, my defenses, my guard,

and leave my heart vulnerable.

Some may think this marrs me

but when I feel each heartbeat,

I know this marks me

as extraordinary.


In a place with hearts of stone,

this heart beats to a different drum.

Flesh and blood are not what make me.

When hate and sorrow try to crush me,

love and compassion wash it away

like rain to create composure.


Like soldiers on a battlefield

never leave a man behind

in this war that we call life.

Always place fellow humans before oneself.


My heart rests with the hearts of the flawed;

this defines me as flawless.

Of course, I signed the warranty.

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