A Bit Of Trust&Kindness

Mr. C

Why can't you be nice?

Why can't you be kind?

Don't you know that you're hurting others?

Are you blind?

Well I guess you are,

'Cuz you always stare at the ground.

You never really put much attention to others

And because of that, they will never be found.

I think I know why,

Why you're acting like this,

Why your acting like S,

Who can be mistaken for a B.

Someone hurt you,

didn't they?

No, some people hurt you,

they grab your trust and decided to play,

They played the "Let's See How Long It Can Survive" game.

They did, didn't they.

But just because those people broke your trust,

Doesn't mean that other people will too.

Just trust us, even if it's a tiny bit

Because it can make a difference for us kids in your class, the whole crew.

It can make someone less scared, like Me

It can someone nicer, like Her

And it can make someone happy, like the girl who sits next to Her.

Maybe there's someone in the class who is turning sad and bitter,

Because of you.

So stop it,

Stop it now,

Or else you'll hurt someone's trust.

Like they did to you.


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