Beyond Beautiful Today


Beyond Beautiful Today

            Slip my mind, fly away

            You enthrall my heart in everyway

            Diamond shine, so you are

            Inside that hides


            Yet I see

            A pain, loss, evermore remorse

            Like a train you steam row forward

            Set the past, to be last


            A golden stair

            Over there

            Low in ground, high in sky

            You find lies within all the guys


            A flight of faceless shadows

            Uncover the white curtains

            Reveal their truths

            Yet I ask, find my eyes


            Tell me the truth

            What worth do I yield?

            A family filled smile

            Embalmed from hurt


            You give me hope

            A smile with just a look

            So may I say just one small phrase?

            Let me repay a debt step by step


            Among so many few

            Light my day, give me hope

            But just let me say

            You look Beyond Beautiful Today











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