move on

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When the rain stops And the sun drops Below the horizon line Do not forget the time we shared Or how I held your hand in mine   But when the sun shines In your lovers eyes
I can’t help but feel That I will never stop writing About this feeling That I will never stop feeling This in love And this unloved At the same time It’s an emotion
I just want to be in love, Like we were so long ago, She’s left me by myself, And I can’t escape this hell. She doesn’t love me any longer,
Our laughter  And smiles  Follow me like ghosts  
Ya nigga played you but you blamin' bitches, throwin the blame because you know he was wit us fuckin' other females but sayin he love you, the reason you take him back because he admit that he does it
I tuck my sadness into bed Maybe when I wake up, Things won’t be so bad   Don’t turn back Don’t forgive me  
Sometimes, when life gets too hard to stand, you need a minute to sit down in the mud and move on. Move on from all that is hard, from all things that give you stress. Now, moving on is not the same as giving up.
I will hold you. For the sake of the rivers I swam to love you, I will hold you.   I will hold you, I know; forever. As that is the way of loving someone.   I will hold you, yes.
My heart was a sacred garden. Your stare was the rich soil. Nurturing kisses became the water. Your voice was my everlasting sunshine. My lilacs began blooming into purple rays. Illuminating. Glowing. Weeping. Falling.
I am here, where are you?  Do you remember the times of fear? Do you look back into our years?  When the torment brought me to tears? Can you still feel the pain you caused me, 
People like drama  they are hard to please  hard to entertain  hard to hold on to  slipping through your fingers like water   So far gone.     When I do the right thing I feel hollow 
do you ry at 3 in the mornin worryin bout me roamin
Each day i will look into his eyes and love him. But each day dream i have is about you. Sun set hazel eyes. Our long distance love. First time we met. Your proposal. I can never day dream about him.
move on , the fresh air of being free, poet mind filled with dark thoughts, moved on and love.
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