Each day i will look


Each day i will look into his eyes and love him.

But each day dream i have is about you.

Sun set hazel eyes.

Our long distance love.

First time we met.

Your proposal.

I can never day dream about him.

New moon black eyes.

First time he talked to me.

The way we fight.

The way he looks into my eyes.

Not without you there.

I can't drive into town anymore without crying.

Cant drive by the places we went without feeling empty.

I want to drive up to your work and see your face one last time.

i want to hold you one last time before i go.

I did not know the last time i saw you was actually the last time. 

I can't remember our last kiss.

I can't remember the way you looked at me as i dropped you off.

I want to remember but i can't.

It all feels like white noise.

like something is there but you just can't see it, you just can't hear it.

He is nothing like you.

He is my way of moving on.

I love him.

But i will always love you.

Through all the pain you put me through, i still love you.

I wan't you out of my head.

I wan't you out of my mind.

I wan't you out of my memories.

I wan't you out of my life.

You try to call me and tell me you miss me.

I listen to your voice mails over and over again like a broken record.

How am I supposed to move on.

How am i supposed to move on when you won't let me go.

Let me love someone else.

Let me go.

Its time to let me fly away.


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