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To soar high in the clouds like a bird To feel free and not chained To explore the world around us The closest we have to flying The closest we have to floating in the sky
There I saw this nervous butterfly Searching for a secure place to land To calm her tiring pair of colourful wings But scared and afraid to trust strangers Having disowned by her own little group
Fearofflying—facing fearhe boarded the planewhich some minutes after takeoffviolently shook and then plummeted toward earth—him being sad, not over his impending death, but having just won the lottery
“Ticket to Freedom”    All I want is to be free.    I don’t want to live by
The Eagle  Swooping, soaring, over branches And under sun. Silent, graceful, over branches And under the sun.  
learning to fly wasn't the goal what use did I have for that kind of freedom? all he wanted was someone to catch    I fought my instincts trying to fall was much harder when I already knew how to fly
The horizon faded. The ailerons, jaded.    The winds blew fast and through.    The comms whirred. Myself, concerned.   I clutched the yoke and heard a croak.  
Be still Close your eyes One deep breath What's the worst that could happen Take the dive Toes on the edge One more sharp breath Get ready And pull
Life is like a sky, You fly past many lands, many oceans, Each time wondering how anything could be so beautiful, Until you reach a dark place so vile, Not even the bravest of people could bare it,
On a plane squished and uncomfortable. People are scooting around And tossing their luggage above my head After what feels like hours everyone is quiet Anticipating the dreary safety instructions
Sometimes, i just think what if i left everything behind me? and i flew to the sky beyond ours that we see at night silence would be all around no hateful words to be found living on a star
I once had a dream That I could fly. I flew so high, Oh so high, Now that I think back That was a scary thing
They all think I'm running away, but I'm flying towards day.
Today’s the day I start packing, always tend to be slacking. Loud families planning, while ticket agents are scanning.
So this is it, huh? Every morning I repeat the same old tired routine.But there's supposed to be more for me, I know there is.Your 20's isn't your regular old 20's anymore.I remember being a kid when my sisters were in their early 20'sI thought th
Run When you crawl, Remember not to scrape your knees When you walk, Remember not to trip When you run, Remember not to choke
I used to have a passive soul. And I never would have thought that I would crawl out of my shell One day by accident I discovered a burning passion  It changed my life. I have never looked back once.
One two, down up And there she goes She flies high Smiles bright   Two, three, four One two and down Feet back on the ground We cheer   A pause for the boys
My heart's pounding. It's almost time, Time to jump. What if something happens? What if something goes wrong? Too late, It's time. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... JUMP! I'm falling...
And for the fleeting moment In which your eyelashes grew As tangled roots -- blooming Amidst and within my own -- The feathers of swallows burst From the blades of my shoulders
And right now I'm the only girl living In this silent, sleeping city Because I've tasted the bittersweet Of your rosy tenderness And I've felt the exhilaration of flight Just after the birds have gone to bed
You rant to the sky and lay blame to the earth, for it's gravity is keeping you from flying. As passionate as you are, your fire starts to die as the sunlight begins to fade.
Wispy clouds sweep across the vast ocean above Grass whispers the heartbeat of the tide Rolling gently out and back again Feathered fish dart into cloud-waves And you wish flying were so easy
  I feel relaxing, As I look at the flowers Colorful, cheerful, and bright. ……………………………. Summer, hot, and the sun No cold, no snow, and no school Sea, beach, and the tan. ………………………………
i soar over grassy hills, viridescent and glowing in the sun, dark and gleaming indigo in the moonlight. the tree encircles me in its crooked and loving arms. my tattered wings ache from a long day
What a feeling it must be, To fall and tumble and fly so free. To fling yourself from a rooftop high, To call your friend and say goodbye.   And beware the man, dressed in black. Holding a gun.
Do you know what it is to swim through the clouds and to touch tips of the stars? I do. Do you know what it is to play in the air and dance through the sky? Because I do.
Im used to these shaky take-offs Because new beginnings are never smooth Probably because I force these chapters to end too soon.   As I break the layers of the sky it all becomes a plane
Shower Thoughts and Dream Knots   Shadow ships sailed across the walls and splashed into a ceiling speckled with galaxies,  yellow constellations swirling behind clenched eyelids,
You cant stop me baby  You can't hold me back  I'm flying,  seeing stars not dying feeling for once I'm shinning  being bright no hiding  this is life.  Baby 
8/19/12, age 18   Some are afraid of flying, but I love it. It lets me live a whole different life, One where the outside world shows me the most perfect sea I’ve ever seen
The air is light I can maneuver through it at ease Gliding through the white streaked sky Viewing the world below Is bliss   The sun’s warmth is ubiquitous Encasing me in warmth
What do birds see When they watch me? How am I considered? Glancing downward, Oh little bird, You see many people. From sky or perch When your eyes search What do you find in us?
  Just what can I say to make you stay What can I do to stop you from entering the depths of the ocean 
In just a few hours, I'll be on my way. London will greet me, By the end of today.   Mommy, I love you, And I hate to say goodbye, So I will see you later, And please don't cry.  
I dream of flying High in the sky Spreading my wings And starting to glide   I will be like a bird Flapping my wings Migrating to wherever I feel I will be free  
I met a girl once twice many times.   Sitting, she swung on a swing And smiled at the clouds  she sang a song, the chorus once  twice  many times
I don't think birds realize how blessed they are. They are born with wings: the very instrument that so many humans crave. Yes, it is true, we have legs.
Everything i've been through in my life. I wish i could have just sprout wings and just flew away Every single time i've been hurt Looking down at the earth I wish i could have just flew around
These days I feel so lonely, Running from the things I fear, from the things I love.  
the highs and lows of your  words all lead to my dismay,
almost fell face-forward had they not held us back, crying because it hurt and made our bodies ache,
Dreams Funny how they float just out of reach Just past the tips of fingers the grasp of belief. Just as the bird will hop and glide, the dream will follow
Can you see it? Can you see me fly, over the rainbow and into the sky? If I could change anything, anything in this life, I would pray to the gods for the gift of flight.  
My power. VVVVRRRROOOOO FFWWWOOOOOMM WUUSSSSSHHHH That’s what it feels like this wild rush. Adrenaline coursing. Power crunching. All under my hands, my wings.
I'm sitting and I'm waiting  I'm just waiting  and there are people around me  whispering amongst themselves  as if everything is okay.    I cannot figure out  why they are here 
  Big metal birds, Fly high in the sky, “What are they?” Those metal birds so high.   “Planes,” But how?
*Dear Amelia Earhart, Before you knew you’d have the chance did you ever dream about the skies and what it felt like to fly?   #Dear Wilbur Wright, Before you knew it would happen,
I lost a day a few weeks back It slipped right through the cracks Of time I think I found it again, in mask But want it cemented, at last, in rhyme.   January Second slipped away
I wanted to write a poem about leaving, the feeling of dragging feet and twisting stomach fighting up your throat as you walk towards your car.   I wanted to write a poem about missing,
I write because I fight with words. I write because when I write I can be heard when there's no one else to listen and nothing else to do, not a verb else. When I write my sentences are fragmented but my thoughts are complete. Through.
The world drops out from below and my head lifts into the clouds To float like it has for all my life, Only this time it is for real.
Lost! Alone! I wish I could die! Scream the minds of the pawns with elongated chains Attached to their wrists, ankles, and minds Release us, we beg you! Oh please, release us!
I'm not one for cramped spaces. Four walls and a floor feel more like a handicap than a home, but if touch is still a sense, and my fingers tell me that it is, then my nerves make focal points of compression.
this is the moment we are no longer stationary earthbound creatures chills down my back and my arms even though this is nowhere near my first time. I hug myself, lean my head back, close my eyes
dancing out of reach she twirls away, elated just to be alive color on the wind, the children cannot catch her try as though they might
All my life I've been preparing for this day The day when I finally fly away From my home and family I must stray Because to truly live I cannot stay Oh my god, my dear god I pray
Wind in my hair, feet off the ground, silence in abundance, when no one's around. moonlight shines down, leaves blow by, maybe this, is what it's like to fly.
Freedom, around the corner, On the tips of my fingers, It's so close I can taste it. I'm ready to fly.
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