Staring down a empty page, I couldn’t help but

notice that I’ve spent all my life looking down.

I’ve forgotten what the sky looks like --

the buttons sewn into the fabric of the sky.

gratified, flying. I want to forget about the

scum of Earth, those that are wingless.

the people and the roly polies that we

used to hold in our tiny hands and keep in jars

as pets when we were kids.

I want to be able to see the world as a

butterfly, to have the magnitude of a blue

supergiant, to be able to glow in darkness.

When came the day when I looked down

and my hazel irises simply became too

heavy, and couldn’t lift themselves up again.

I am going to go up to everyone I see with scars

on their wrists, shake their hands, and congratulate

them on surviving the Hell they were put

through to give them the desire to hurt themselves.

We all need to look to the stars,

but more importantly believe in ourselves.

Stop waterfall wishing and praying and

make your dreams a reality stop

wishing on the stars like you’re expecting them

to change your life and just

marvel at the complexity of our lovely little

speck of a universe.

I have a pain in my neck for having my chin

pressed to my chest for so long.

I want the tears to come for flowers

Love, I want to hold like you’re my

film camera, or something truthful.

Tell David there’s nothing wrong about

him ever loving a boy one day because

love makes us real, it makes us whole and

reminds us just how lucky we are to live

Be happy you can feel something for

someone. Your mother once told you,

a soul mate isn’t the one who makes

you the happiest, but the one

that makes you feel the most.

The one who could bring you smiling

out into the light after crying in

the closet they locked you in.

I want to be lifted off the ground

to be liberated by the open air and sky.

I’m done smelling the flowers and

singing lullabies to the grass.

I’m done dreaming in the dirt.

Put me on the moon,

catapult me into the cosmos

Let me listen to the dancing deaf’s

hands, let the unwanted newborn

wrap her fingers around my thumb.

For there is nothing here for me on

this Earth. I don’t care to crawl. There

is a reason there are pilots, and

bungee jumpers —

humans desperate to leave the Earth

Desperate to just leave the

ground behind.


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