I Just Want to Fly

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 23:50 -- krotolo


Can you see it?

Can you see me fly,

over the rainbow and into the sky?

If I could change anything,

anything in this life,

I would pray to the gods for the gift of flight.


Not everyone would be given this magical gift,

only those who could make it more than it is.

Some would take it for granted and fly too high.

For that their wings would melt as they cry.

Like Icarus, if they thirst for more,

their gift will be lost as they crash to the shore.


But for those with kind hearts and generous hands,

they would treasure the gift as our father had planned.

If people could fly we could help those in need.

We could help those with hunger.

We could help those diseased.


If people could fly, we wouldn't need cars.

we could end this pollution and in the city see stars.

The once hazy nights filled with sighs and off glances,

would be instead made of deep breaths and romances.


If people could fly imaginations would soar.

There would be no limitations.

There would be ideas galore.

Like a bird we could migrate to where we felt warm.

And in that warmth would be acceptance.

There would be no more scorn.

We could learn others' language.

We could learn their beliefs.

There would be no division,

only relief.



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