On My Way

Sat, 09/27/2014 - 20:21 -- mgst16

In just a few hours,

I'll be on my way.

London will greet me,

By the end of today.


Mommy, I love you,

And I hate to say goodbye,

So I will see you later,

And please don't cry.


Daddy, please be strong,

As I travel through the Gate.

Daddy, I will always love you,

No matter the time or date.


Thank you, Mrs. Brenda,

For being who you are.

Merci, Ms. Aubretta,

For never being too far.


Give my thanks to Megan and Morgan,

For remaining in my heart,

For loving me, in general,

And pushing me to start.


To my main brother Mike,

Please stay blessed.

I love you, Michael,

So please don't be stressed.

To Mr. Toby this will go,

And my feelings will remain.

I have nothing to lose,

And everything to gain.


Grammy, I love you,

And all your crazy, eccentric ways.

Thank you for loving me,

Despite my various frays.


Adam and Zach, stay cool,

Well, as cool as you two can be,

Stay safe, you guys,

As I travel across the sea.


Here I go,

I'm ready to fly.

I'm hitting up London,

So here is my goodbye.



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