What It Feels Like to Dream


*Dear Amelia Earhart,

Before you knew you’d have the chance

did you ever dream about the skies and

what it felt like to fly?


#Dear Wilbur Wright,

Before you knew it would happen,

Did you ever dream about

the feeling you’d feel when your feet

                                left the ground?


+Dear Orville Wright,

Before you knew it was possible,

did you ever dream about the day

                you could fly away?


Did you ever hope it felt anything like love,

and that your heart would soar?


*Did you ever think letting go

was worth going up?


#And that the air felt

anything like holding

hands in the dark, because

you might be scared but it’ll be okay?


+Or that risks were worth it,

because in the end you had

what you wanted?


When the wind whipped across your

face and you didn’t care what happened

anymore because you got what you’d

been searching for,


*Did it seem okay to get lost

because no matter what

you knew where you were?


#Did it seem okay to take

your chances because,

whatever happened,

in the end, you were



+Did you know that even if

it didn’t work, it’d be okay

because you tried?


And now you know what it feels like to fly.


Whitney Tudor

formatting didn't translate, so the *, #, and + indicate who that question is

addressed to.  Unmarked questions/comments are for all.

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