Bird's Eye View

What do birds see

When they watch me?

How am I considered?

Glancing downward,

Oh little bird,

You see many people.

From sky or perch

When your eyes search

What do you find in us?

Are our ways odd,

Fellow bipod?

Know you our flightlessness?

Sitting, walking,

Riding, talking,

Are our goals apparent?

Just how bizarre

You think we are

For you cannot read thoughts

Do the birds hate,


Or care nothing for voice?

How do our words

Sound to the birds?

Do they love our chirping?

Birds are smarter;

They think harder

Than many understand.

Am I noticed

Or on a list

Of things worth of thoughts?

Do they love us?

Will birds focus

On our every action?

Do they fear me,

Under the tree,

Like monsters under beds?

Crow and Robin,

Jay and raven,

Dove, lark, blackbird, and finch,

Tell what you think,

With song or wink,

What humans mean to you.


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