Home in the Darkness

You rant to the sky and lay blame to the earth, for it's gravity is keeping you from flying.

As passionate as you are, your fire starts to die as the sunlight begins to fade.

Everyday is the same, bows and praises to the sun and trembling and curses to the moon.

You are afraid to be engulfed by the darkness and consumed by the chaos that the starry blue blanket brings.

But it isn't the gravity that pulls you down, rather the fear of never having a home in the darkness.

To be trapped in a dark cloud lost and confused, then plummeting back down to land and submerged under water.

Rejected from the life you have chosen, from a life you had trusted.

The sky responds with unpredicted showers, cleansing the earth from your fantasy of a former life.

You fall to your knees hoping for a chance to be one with the sky.

Hoping to embrace the sunlight once more even if it means sacrificing part of you to the moon.

Then as if the rain was never meant to stop, your eyes take over.

And the wind begins to hug your body, while the leaves rustle as a response to your cries.

As if the god and goddess will never punish you for what you believe.

And I say,

"Baby, don’t fear the dark and the chaotic.

Put your mind to rest on my cloud pillows.

Let the lightning be your universal night light.

The thunder will be your stories in the dark.

If you ever seek shelter, I’ll hug you with my moonlight.

And my love for you will be the home you can return to."



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