Fallen Angel

The air is light

I can maneuver through it at ease

Gliding through the white streaked sky

Viewing the world below

Is bliss


The sun’s warmth is ubiquitous

Encasing me in warmth

The light on my wings

And the wind in my hair

Is my life



I can’t hold myself up

My wings are worthless

Dead weight

As I plummet, helpless, to the ground


The sound of the air passing me

Is deafening

Try, as I can,

My goal is pointless

Yet I try anyway


Attempting to yet again soar

I try to open my wings

And hover over the ground

But I can’t

Mercilessly gravity hurtles me down


I will die with no one to catch me

If I don’t learn the magic of the sky

Once more

I know I won’t in time

I need someone to carry me away


I’m scared

Of what lies below

What looked so beautiful

As I carelessly drifted

Now petrifies me


Please save me

Before I fall

And stop this downward spiral

I don’t want the finale

It will result in my demise


I know I can save myself

But quite frankly

I don’t know how

And I’m too far gone

To think straight anyhow


If you can catch me in the air

And bring me back up

To the blinding sun

You will have saved my life

And I will be forever grateful


Teach me to fly again

I can’t do it on my own

I want to love the sky once more

And the land below

Instead of resenting it’s proximity


Or else I will hit the pavement

In a flurry of feathers and blood

Gone to the world and the sky


Without ever getting to say goodbye

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