body positivity

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I had a boy come up to me once When he heard I’d be singing at our high school’s senior award ceremony. To ask “what will you be singing? a whale song?” He turned to his friends and began to laugh
Here we stand Much to their surprise Or dismay Or confusion Fat men are a whisper A forest cut down for comedic relief Only seen if we are funny Only loved if we have money
My body is mountains disguised in flesh Fields of grain waving in the breeze My body is plateaus and canyons  And every hill you’ve ever climbed
I wear lightning strikes on my hips and thighs as battle scars to remind me who I am, and what I have overcome.
“Take a look in the mirror, What do you see?”   I look and my mind whispers, ‘Athlete?” But I’m just a bit too soft, 
My body is a skyscraper Yeah you heard me right It’s 6 miles high and made of glass To stand out in the night   My body is a skyscraper  With legs of stainless steel Holding up my giant frame
I am fat. Some may say “same” or “retweet” I am looking at you Ms. size four or five. SHUT UP. Some of you are looking around the room
Fearing a transparent man-made tool of vanity A tool who hides nothing This tool shows you who you truly are Some may say that you are more than your reflection
She showed me how to look on the bright side. She showed me how to change the tide. She showed me how to appreciate my fullness. She showed me how to adore the darkness.
dear belly,   i see you even though i don't want to see you i know you're there and i'm so thankful for you on most days you are visible and i see you without you
My home moved often, a trailer one day, the next a house and the last a home But I lived in my body A home that I hated and a home that I couldn't escape My ribs; a locked cage to prison a soul
I have always looked like this.
I ran today. Not a long, five mile, sweat inducing run, no, I ran to the mailbox. How many years has it been since I last ran?
Dear plus sized body, Let’s take a plus sized break From the offensive compliments The, “You’re not fat, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” From the distasteful dehumanization in media
These defining mountains I call my hips Are the only things you cannot miss They swing left and right From morning to night Trying to pick a fight With everything in sight
Dear Society, I don’t know when the thought first crossed my mind That the size of my body overshadowed its purpose I don’t know when I first felt the pain
Where should I begin?No one wants a world tour where you see all the ugly parts,So this won't be much of a tour.But let's pretend that in this world -Me -There is no ugly.
After years of starving myself to be thin, Rewarding myself when I ate far too little, And forcing myself to vomit if I ate “too much”,   Obsessively counting calories,
Snow White doesn't stay in a house. She doesn't depend on a variety of dwarves who grump about. She goes outside.
There are scars on my hips Mixed with stretch marks Ones that I put there late at night Touched by dirty hands He says I'm beautiful His hands outlay plains Of wheat and new beginnings
My body is the house I grew up in, how dare I try to tear it down to the ground.
I asked you if you would still love me if I was 'big.' You took it as a joke and responded so, saying it's a shallow thing, to say you wouldn't. I am broken. You have seen me, but you have not seen me.
I like me but sometimes I don't I even hate me sometimes but that doesn't mean that I am any less beautiful I am deceptively strong in both mind and body I have red hair
When I walk into a room Full of people Laughing Talking Flirting I laugh too.
1. Strip down to nothing in your bathroom. Avoid looking into the mirror. Remember everything you’re feeling isn’t real, this is all just some messed up dream you’re living don’t let the dream mess you up too
Ugly. Fat. Aren’t you ashamed to look like that? They called me such names that stuck in my head There was nothing more painful than what I just read
I will never write poetry again. The day started with a usual feeling of grief, I didn't want to go to school and I definitely didn't want to go to English class.
Am I a pretty girl? Because when I look in the mirror I don’t see one.  I have never been a pretty girl.  Why? I don’t know. I don’t like what I see.  Low self esteem.  No self worth. 
To be completely unearthed is the beginning of where I find I’m free and to realize that my life is for me and to realize that I am who I should be To be out of your sight and on to something far away
All I need is that little push, That little look in the mirror in the early morning. The look that says:   "I can't live without you, You collection of cells with your lovely curves.
I need a different kind of love story... Okay, so here's the synopsis:   A girl meets a boy And then questions her self worth When he looks her up and down And his eyes pause on her short skirt
Look in the mirror Now tell me what you see Well, If you'd ask me I'd say a set of small eyes And a huge nose And a ridiculously fat stomach And sausage toes
When I entered middle school it wasn't quite as I had planned
Deep and rich,Smooth and clear,A masterpiece painted for the ears,A sweet perfume to the listener.A silvery song,A tenor or base,The loud radio announcer,Or the soft-spoken artist.
I’m having a hard time accepting I’m soft–soft stomach, soft heart,my soft way of telling othersI’m having a hard time.It leaves me hesitating at mirrors,
You look at me and say "I want that' I look at you and say "I want that" But why can't we look in the mirror and say "I like that?"   Instead of saying I wouldn't mind a little less
Body, wet and free Water along my strech marks, down my back and feet.
Anna “You can’t have sex wearing a wig” she said That line could’ve made me laugh If she wasn’t clutching the sides of her head Wondering what choice did she have.  
I don't understand why everybody cares so much. Look at me! I am tall. I am big. I am loud. I am strong. Where is the problem? Listen to me! I am smart. I am brave.
F The letter placed on my birth certificate indicating that I was born with a vagina.
Wake up, roll out of bed, dress to impress.
I've never been pretty.
"Hey fat ass, big booty, bring it over here. We want to make our point to you very clear. That butt makes you ugly, short and stout. Oh, dont start crying, why dont you hear me out?
Grimace at the mirror Squint my eyes, scrunch up my nose, Look closely What I see- spots Spots of all kinds Acne scars, A freckle here and there, A mole or two,
         Arithmetic.                           Scientific notation.                                                  MLA format.                 Teach me about compassion.
This is a body. This is a human body. This was not sculpted, and shaved and shamed in a fashion magazine.
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