Nothing but Words



Aren’t you ashamed to look like that?

They called me such names that stuck in my head

There was nothing more painful than what I just read

A note passed in class

A comment to my face

It was more than a label, it was my fate

I told myself they were just lying

But then why am I here, in my bedroom crying

Nothing but words, my parents would say

But that is all I would hear day after day

Words all have meanings

While some make you cry

Others bring joy, happiness, and lives

But these words were rude

They were meant to bring sorrows

Hurting more than just mothers and daughters

They filled up my pages

Scars of my pain

It helped me get by through the thunder and rain

A poem is a reflection

A mirror of my sanity

I look in my mirror

And what do I see?

Not Ugly

Or fat

Or whatever they called me

A bright glowing smile that span cheek to cheek

I learned to push through no matter how meak

Not only just that, but hidden within’

A writer’s true passion that started to begin

So next time you see me and say I look fat.

Remember this would never be written if they hadn’t called me that.

So to all the people who thought they could define me

Here is what I like to call me





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