The Elephant in the Room

I am fat.

Some may say “same” or “retweet”

I am looking at you Ms. size four or five. SHUT UP.

Some of you are looking around the room

Some of you may feel uncomfortable

“I can’t believe she just said that!”  

Here is why.

You have to understand that I’m not upset

I don’t have "low self- esteem"

That’s what you should assume right?

An extra large body should come with extra small ideas of myself

But, You may not see me in a Bikini

God I hope you don’t see me in a Bikini

But I won’t be throwing up

And I won’t be throwing myself away.

I want you to know I’m ok.

I don’t want to hear from a counselor

I don’t need a pamphlet telling me to change

If I want to go on a safe diet I will

But I’m 15

I want to live life

Not die on a diet

It’s not a danger,

My clothes are just a little bigger

So why?  Why do people think I don’t like myself?

I may not be able to fit into the skinny beauty standard

But I have Standards for myself

Yes, society has a standard

Just because Barbie now has curves

Doesn’t mean society is going to swerve

The pretty had their own dolls since 1959, not 2019

I am not salty

I know that I am not made to be pretty

Some of you are probably thinking why did she do this?

Why couldn’t she just write about racism,sexism or some other ism?

But you see I am supposed to write about something Controversial

And if I make you squirm, I am succeeding.

And everybody else is writing about the world around them

And I am writing about what impacts me

I’m pretty sure My body impacts me

I am the silent majority

living life outside of a sorority

filled with girls in 2- piece bikinis

without worrying about stretch marks or their stomach sticking out

But I, don’t need to change,

But I need to understand

And so do you

That some people are destined to be pretty

To spend life with someone

their two eyes glued to two other things and one size five waist

She swoons over moon about that loon

and croons to the goons that are Ga-Ga over love goals

And whine how she is so fat and she needs to lose weight

And that she is the one who is disgusting

We take offence to that because

some people (like me)

Are destined to fall asleep

Thinking about someone She really likes

Wondering how she can impress them without wearing something nice

because she can’t.

we are asking to ourselves,

“Can they appreciate a personality?”  

Because they can’t think I’m pretty.

Because her size is a twelve, not a five.

They may say “I don’t care about looks”

But I’m not talking about my face,

I am talking about my waist

So you see I want people to know that we,

Understand why you look at us that way

Because we are different from the pretty people.

And we know we will never be like them.

As I leave today I hope I finally clear the elephant in the room

Because the Elephant in the Room is me.


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