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Chronos was a god. A father. One who destroyed his daughters and sons in a fit of fury. Swallowed them up like the gargantuan terror Of ill and disease
I'm happy because I live in falsity, i'm still happy because I reject reality,   Stuck in my childhood, My utopia Forgot the fact that, I had grown up   Someone, wake me up
The day started smooth and had a groove reminiscent of rythm & blues. The day kicked off right, it was bright, so bright that it would have lit the sky on the darkest of nights.
The. Perfect. World. with rain like blood and wind that blows the innocent away.    The. Perfect. World. where people are dangerous and the streets are the scariest place.  
The blend of word and sound 
I lay in bed, waiting for that bliss moment to be taken away from reality, and into my deepest desires 1, 2, 3... I'm gone. I enter my imagination. I'm in utopia; there are no laws,
It's like drinking a tall glass of ice water after walking through the Sahara  It's a long hot shower after working all day  It's facing your fears and coming up victorious  It's being broken but still refusing to give up 
All I need in life is all that I am, I will travel with my memories alone, I don’t need luxuries, I need no celebrities. I will travel with just my memories, and the one I love,
I would take with me, only the thing that sets me free, If you became tansparent when the sound filled your ears, you would understand what I mean when I say that's all I want to hear.
See me a thousand times, know me never. If you could see the world through my eyes for a single day, you would never look upon me the same. My closest friends know not who I truly am: under the skin.
One, Two; One, Two Moving in time One Goal One Mind   A switch in the human condition From demons to angels Conformity in mind Individuality in spirit  
Wanting, Aching, Craving  The World.   To expand my mind to places farther than my backyard or the church, To learn a language of love by being surrounded by foreign lovers,
Sweatpants and hoodies and rainy inside days, Sunshine and shorts and swimming outside days,
A dream that all strive to obtain. Perfect peace and harmony between everyone everywhere. Some say to acheive this we need to "live this way" or "love everyone".
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
Far from home they fight, In a land that’s not their own. Their enemy has no face, Yet they fight on. In a time of terror Not knowing who is friend or who is foe,
I want to write a poem To the days that will not be For the times we only wish That we all could live in peace I would dedicate this poem To the beauty that is rare
This is a message to the world To each and every boy and girl No matter your age there’s nothing to fear Young or old, you have to be bold   I ain’t saying its fine to play mind games
Brown, Black or White What makes us different?
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
Guns blaring and people dying, murders live in lives of luxury Lairs and thieves boast about loot and adventures They use their talents; increase their wealth as they trample over others. No one can stop them for long.
Living and loving is science's greatest reaction, such a power is immense and can bring each human satisfaction, no matter the means or the creation of dreams but the feeling is real,
UtopiaA love wholly founded in purityEnoughPure to the point of unsociabilityStifledNot being heard is no reason for silenceStruckNo man had ever touched him except to bruise himRevolutionsBrutalities of progressRedFlesh and bloodIncompleteIgnomin
In this world exists somewhere peaceful in all its natural beauty; A place where the evergreen grows, And the fallen leaves rest on the grounds of the earth,
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