Science's Greatest Reaction


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Living and loving is

science's greatest reaction,

such a power is immense

and can bring each

human satisfaction,

no matter the means

or the creation of dreams

but the feeling is real,

even stirring up infractions.


The world and its

turmoils cause quite

a distraction, if only

a single hand could

grab me, to take me

somewhere that someone

imagined. I'd live with

the consequences and

be strong and aware,

I'd learn to love the

people who live there

and exist in pure goodness

and always rule fair.


But surrounded by

deceit and such people

with intentions of wrong

doings and pure evil

actions, how can I be

at peace and wish to live

in a world with such

a fairy tale entrapment?

What a distraction

from reality, I've really

brough myself far.


Living for so long

I believe I've discovered,

like Tuck Everlasting

the stream and the

water keeps me

ever basking, in the

world and its changes

and dishonest interactions.

Please help me I'm

stumbling and falling

down backwards.


Drinking and gambling

and life's silly vices,

I think it's a joke

people complain

of such devices.

As if they cannot

control their own lives,

but they can and are

simply consumed by

life's many distractions.


A weak mind

and a weak soul

lead to many betrayals.

I can barely think of what

these people are able to do to

my body, it's unstable. I'm lost, I've

drown, after one trip down, my whole

temperment fell to the ground right beneath me.

Just sweep me away the broom soon surrounds thee.


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