Dreaming of Utopia

Thu, 09/25/2014 - 14:28 -- mirwood


Sweatpants and hoodies and rainy inside days,

Sunshine and shorts and swimming outside days,

Reading a book that is filled with love,

Dreaming and dreaming of the sky up above.


Roses and daisies and laughter and sunsets,

Friendships and children and smiles not upset,

Listening to music and singing so loud,

Playing guitar to an enormous crowd.


Learning of history, math, and English,

Spanish and finance and all things ticklish,

Crying of happiness with all my friends,

No one ever tries to pretend.


A perfect world with rainbows and peace,

Seasons so colorful and never to cease,

Thinking of these things makes me feel alive,

Everyone, everywhere, learning to thrive.


When the skies darken and thunder,

And your feelings go under,

When you cry yourself to sleep,

When all the monsters creep.


Just keep dreaming and laughing and sing out loud!

A utopia of joy, a life so proud,

Wonder upon wonders and dreams upon dreams,

Never give up until you see them all gleam.


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