Getting what's deserved


Guns blaring and people dying, murders live in lives of luxury

Lairs and thieves boast about loot and adventures

They use their talents; increase their wealth as they trample over others.

No one can stop them for long.


Why do workers of the land fail to prosper, while the scum of the earth flourish

Justice has tied its own hands to honor and principles

As they're forced to let the"smart" ones go.


What if one thing on earth could change the way of life?

It can't be money, for money would be replaced with possession.

Guns can't shoot themselves; a weapon needs a human.

Nothing can replaces greed expect for what the person wants.


As fish live in water, there will always be crime big or small

For the old ways are disappearing, just as a dying rose.

No one on earth can stop the hands of the criminal

It is time for a change, a utopia is in order.


The beggars shall dine with the rich

Men of law will play with children of blood skin.

Respect for all things is the key of a utopia.

"Give all humans great respect for one another"

This one thing I would change in our world.

Peace among friends and good will to all.

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