cyber bullying

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Spy of high, its a poor's Cry Spare the Honest ,do not Pry   Don't You know it hurts so bad when my blue bird just can't fly   talk to the nobles, say my sigh i am so naïve, don't know to get by
  She was taken When she was needed the most Her pure innocence Shattered And only by words
i pulled the string loose to slip the knot once a bow   they looked at me suspense danced on their eyelashes like they were my grave
Dear My High School Peers,   Filled halls... head down Breathe... breathe Only four more years Three more years
A child of ten years, And a invisible puppeteer, Stumbled upon each other in a forum.   They grew closer and closer, But little did the child know, They would break their heart.  
Listen Can you hear them? It’s the natives crying as they're eradicated and displaced. It's cracks from the gun that everyone owns
The Internet is the Wild West and it should be monitored, And users do not need to waste time and energy.   One day, I joined a chatroom discussion and encountered Trolls to get me riled up.  
She wants to be deadBecause of all the words she hears.She never tried to fight the lies that were said.The lies come in many forms; some were read others were heard.The sad part is its not just her who have to fight the wordsThe words that feels
Teenaged girl, hardly past sixteen Staring, horrified at her computer screen Irreparable damage has now been done The rude comments, the belittlement, as painful as any gun Her already fragile adolescent self-esteem
I wasn't prepared. I guess I was blissfully unaware of everything you never said. "Mommy, I don't want to live", the shot to my chest, and then the awful words  upon that little IPod screen.
I will tell you what I am not. I am not someone to be pushed around, or someone who likes their emotions to be played with. I AM a human being, I am someone with feelings inside of me, and a beating heart.
Curvy, skinny, thin, or fat. What should I wear, should I eat that? Should I talk slower, should I walk faster Am I too talkative? Should I shut up?
You never know with this thing called society You want to be yourself, but all the criticism is tiring Where did all the creativity go? We have people teching us how to be them and we didn't even know
Suicide thoughts Going through my head All I want  Is to be dead She texted me today  And told me to kill myself She replied with  just joking I didn't believe it
I was raised in by a television  often talked with a non existent person i made friends with people on a screen  if I were to describe myself which one would I choose  
Words hurt typed Or "said" They say nothing can be deleted from the internet Just like nothing can be deleted from your heart your eyes can not unsee what has been seen
Talking crap over the computer screen, well that is not my scene. If you want to cyber bully, say it to my face. If not, give me my space. I don't know why you are talking about me, a big bully is all you will ever be.
  How can something that’s always there Always in our faces Be so completely ignored, The elephant in the room begging for attention for help How can people turn their backs to what they see
It is the sound of rain and thunder and the ever present fire that swirls into the sky Siren wails and the rumble of horses galloping across the never ending ocean.
Unity Five letters that mean so much, It’s something you can feel but just can touch. It’s a word that was meant to unite us, Because often times we let subtle differences divide us.
A young girl is dead, she could not take the stress of being alienated, alone all the time. Her friends left her, her parents weren't aware. Is your joke still funny? You call her a slut, a whore,
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