The elephant in the room

Sun, 10/27/2013 - 22:54 -- d_live



How can something that’s always there

Always in our faces

Be so completely ignored,

The elephant in the room

begging for attention

for help

How can people turn their backs to what they see

In the hallways


In classrooms

On the streets,

Bullying doesn’t stop in high school

But high school is where it seems to catch up with us,

Old enough to know what the world is like

Young enough to not realize that there are better things ahead,

Don’t give up,

It’s not your fault,

Bullies have problems of their own,

The fault is in the bystanders

The people standing by


It’s not my problem, they think

They need to toughen up, they say,

It’s not just adults who stand there idly

It’s the kids too

Who see it everywhere,

Don’t be those people,

Be there for a friend

Or an enemy

Or a stranger,

Because otherwise they might take their future into their own hands,

And you’ll wish you could have made a difference



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