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A young girl is dead,
she could not take the stress
of being alienated, alone
all the time. Her friends left her,
her parents weren't aware.
Is your joke still funny?
You call her a slut, a whore,
you told her to show herself to you.
She was vulnerable and you knew it,
she photographed herself, and you sent it.
A young girl is dead.
Is your joke still funny?
She cut herself, she loathed herself,
the people around her whisper.
They laughed and the pointed,
they sneered and gossiped.
She felt all alone in the world.
Is your joke still funny?
Friends abandoned her,
unable or unwilling to speak out.
If only someone spoke......
A young girl is dead.
Do you still think you're funny?
"What kind of a girl would do THAT?"
"She must have known that would happen"
"What a tramp!"
People said this about a person.
A person.
A young girl is dead,
and your joke was never funny.


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