Tue, 05/28/2013 - 19:29 -- mermo


United States
40° 37' 16.3632" N, 74° 1' 58.62" W

It is the sound of rain and thunder and the ever present fire that swirls into the sky

Siren wails and the rumble of horses galloping across the never ending ocean.

Riots and rallies, words used as poison, a kind grace only to be lamented with

Smiles laced with flattery and letters that burn at a moment’s notice.

The night creeps into our dreams, let’s us eat away at ourselves and yet

We are drawn to the never ending enigma, a hidden language unknown to us

Iridescent, illuminated by the white glow of a legion that marches to light the

Fires of unheard voices and the cries of freedom, for victory, for the fallen

We hide behind masks and yet we are all unified, one small enigma wrapped up in

The micro-cosmos of the universe that spirals out of control

Riding out time and space and it is as if we are one breathing monster

A monster capable of destruction and creation - We are both

We ride across the sands and the ever present dew covered grass, a symphony

Of gold and crimson and the tomorrow of today’s past

Old crumbled arenas, gladiators that watered the sands of today,

And we are long forgotten, erased into the nothing –

An oblivion of white and empty dead space

Where nothing can exist, and yet

We dance and hymn to the beat of a fury that is never ending -

We are legion.


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