Five letters that mean so much,
It’s something you can feel but just can touch.
It’s a word that was meant to unite us,
Because often times we let subtle differences divide us.
Now is that the world that we were brought up in?
Or is that just the ignorance that we get caught up in?

I know how the world is right now, not a pretty place.
When girls don’t need intelligence, just a pretty face
To succeed.
And girls overseas can’t even learn to read,
Or can’t show their face,
Because it’s seen as a disgrace
And women get smacked down and told to know their place.

People are victims of hatred so unwarranted.
Kids aren’t being bullied anymore, their being tormented.
It’s past teasing now, it’s at torture.
Either adults don’t believe you or they try to extort you.

There’s just so much bravery behind the computer monitor,
And things are said that probably could have haunted you.
But it’s all fun and games right?
Sometimes anonymous, we aren’t saying names right?

Let’s try spreading love instead of spreading hate.
Maybe then some of this violence could disintegrate.
It’s a shame kids get toe tags before they get to turn their tassel.
All this violence, I’m wondering is it worth the hassle.

Is it ever serious enough to need a gun?
My heart goes out to all the mothers losing sons.
I cry for you and I pray for you.
I hope the lord will bring a better day for you.
Can we all come together and agree
In this community, unity is something that we need.


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