You never know with this thing called society

You want to be yourself, but all the criticism is tiring

Where did all the creativity go?

We have people teching us how to be them and we didn't even know

Everyone on social media sites trying to get a hold of we

But we're all still lonely

Behind the computer screen there is a teen whose broken,stressed, depressed and all they want to be is open, with anybody who cares to listen

What you thought was harmless words are killing him/her inside

That's blood on your hands, if they take their own life

One day they just won't be able to take it, trying to make it through the day crying and shaking

Just wishing somebody else felt your pain

You dont want sympathy and it's too hard to explain

You want to remain anonymous, but everyone has a name

Everyone to be recognized if their feeling the same

But I can only speak on behalf of whats mine, sorry for taking up so much of your time


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