Toxic Words

Teenaged girl, hardly past sixteen

Staring, horrified at her computer screen

Irreparable damage has now been done

The rude comments, the belittlement, as painful as any gun

Her already fragile adolescent self-esteem

Shattered completely; how can girls be so mean?

The catty remarks will make an imprint on her brain

Deflecting our own insecurities--what is there to gain?

Reputations, feelings, pride all hurt by one

With a mere set of computer keys, a most deadly weapon

Why must we tear others down in order to feel good?

The victims, suffering alone, feeling so misunderstood

Even scarier now, how will the hurt girl proceed?

She may fight back, or worse, she may end her life indeed

Might we stop and think now the next time we type

How we could be destroying a life for one more like?


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Our world


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