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Great wide teeth, tear off a piece, 
There once was a queen Who was very mean Amara was her name Tricks were her game Her tricks were sly And she could fly She was above the rest For no one good best her
I wonder if you know that I love you With all of my broken, twisted love, With all of the love you threw back at me,  And all the indifference you used to drown me.   I fight the love you give me;
On her face she wore a smile, Battered heart out of sight Masks hid her from society, Holding her up they watched her fall from the height.  
There are so many languages known to man And so many lost in translation I can tell You I love You in quite a few but the feeling is lost on it's way to meet expectations  
Once upon a time a story was told A tale well known and ever so old Adapted to suit the mind of kids, Now wrong and lost, wandering amid So I am here to share today The truest of truths known to date
Once upon a time not long ago, there lived royal siblings who lived as foe. This story is different
Whether you were told I was stolen or given my story was shared.  The ending never right,  but nobody cared.  Here's what happened, so pay attention.  To this day I'm still unsure
She escaped the world so full of hate and turmoil. Her life a mess,  Her reality frightening and uncertain. Becoming distant, hostile and detatched. It's as if she were gone, as if she cracked.
Life is a journey through the woods And I’m stuck in a bitter-sweet loop Many times, I’ve sworn I’ll change, but
I've got the scars on my heart to prove my pain After this I will never be the same You say I only have me to blame But you, the liar, should feel ashamed I've got scars on my heart to to show why I cry
You would call out into your restless night, “I need an Angel that will end my fight, one that brings daybreak upon my endless night.” But the storm raged on, unwavering.
"You Motherfucker" She said as she let the darkness within her That she suppressed and kept hidden for so long, awaken. Rendering him powerless  with every word she spoke.
*Throwback Poem: This poem was written way back in 2010, when I was about 11, and thought I was Edgar Allan Poe!! Haha!*   Dripping with violence,
Paranoia They whisper in the dark Voices of my mind The demons that lie within Madness
I don't believe in fairy tales. Happy endings are More often than not A figment of the mind, A dream during rest, A star in the sky, And a weight on the heart.
I’m no Cinderella Never lost a glass slipper Never got prince charming I’m no Cinderella Always felt strange Faraway Slipping away Always felt strange
They took an oath of protections and we gave them are trust. Yet in the end it's those we trust our protectors. That are our demise.
A new school year. A new beginning!
We are never the people we were meant to be. Bruised, torn, and can't be altered by therapy. For our brains are damaged, Brainwashed indeed. By the ones we love And by those we never see.  
Left with a broken smile, A twisted girls mind Can take you a mile Through the decisions she's made She's haunted by pain Brought to light to see The only good decision she ever made
I searched for love where it truly did not exist. I searched,  And I searched, and I searched, And left the same way I came, Empty handed.  
Her small hand touches the moist fabric of my shirt, wrapping her arm around me as if she forgot how to comfort me. I don't blame her. She's right. We don't know each other anymore
I write to escape, to embody myself in a world free of space and time where my pen can't keep up with my mind as I overflow with rhyme expressing my love, expressing my life.
I write to release, I write to not feel. I write to express feelings that I know are real. I write when I'm confused, I write when I'm alone, I write when there's no one but myself at home.
I sing a twisted song A song of lies and lives once lived - I sing it when I sleep And when I wake, it cradles me - I am a slave to the song.   I sing a twisted song
My selfish self wants to stand out and shine, Like the glowing eyes from the roadside in the night Making many folks alert of my existence. Yet, all my life I’ve been watching from behind those dazzling bright eyes,
i write because others write one day i heard someone speak without making a sound the book opened on my lap spilled with words that were so loud at the end of every sentence and/or phrase, was a bold statement
Why I write The externalization of my internal fight My words take flight What I convey not always a delight The emotions are real, Flashing before your eyes Masquerading in my desguise
I used to be depressed And at times I even desired death My feelings were strong and extreme It was the consequence Of trials and times That clearly took a toll on me  
I record dreams.Not because I believe they are full of meaning,But because they were something I experienced,And I don't like to forget,That which I have experienced.
Why I write is simply so when my words sprout wings and take off into my soul my mind and spirit filled with dismay writing is the ticket as I take on the soul train Why I write
I believe that in order for someone to truly develop and mature they must invest in themselves. In order to invest in themselves they must recognize what type of person he or she is
  Poetry is more than words put together in rhymes and stanzas. It’s more than a couplet Or even iambic pentameter. To me it iss utter expression.   A way to scream and shout
You use them to communicate, you use them to express your hate, you use them to depict your fate, you use them to inovate. but i use them to fight, i use them to make things right,
Words written in led or words written in ink; whenever I find a chance, I really begin to think.   Words written in red or words written in pink; When I find the chance to write, it feels like it was meant to be.
limit of limitations are limitless when i script dreams onto a blank page filled with ideas just awaiting to happen. The thought that no one or nothing could say that im wrong.
You say I was your Cinderella. The problem, though, is that Prince Charming doesn’t lie and Cinderella isn’t supposed to be a troubled soul. I think, if I have to be a princess, I’d rather be Fiona,
I twist my lips until all the truth comes out, But you grab my words and dump it all in the trash. You shake me up until your truth comes out, But they never fall because they are all lies.
I'm twisted twisted up inside drowning in this love for you the knot in my throat only worse with every fleeting moment
Hush little baby don’t say a word Or daddy’s gonna shoot you like a mocking bird If that little wound don’t hurt like a bi*ch Daddy’s gonna abandon you on a roadside ditch
pulling out my hair drowning in despair Cinderella made me believe in happily ever after and driving into the sunset chased by laughter even though her prince left her because of the baby weight
Pitter, Patter Scitter, Scatter Mice on the floor Bump, Thump Rock, Knock Who’s at the door? Scratching Screaming I bet she’s bleeding Cleaning is such a chore Wailing
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