Sun, 03/07/2021 - 00:07 -- E2xla

Great wide teeth, tear off a piece, 

Rip me to shreds, loosin’ their heads, 

Wantin' to drown, wanna be dead, 

Still hear the sound, wow it’s so loud, 

Can't turn back now, 

Open my eyes, what do I see, a vision of my ecstasy, 

Quickly downed but the deep blue sea, 

What's in my head, you tell me, 

Great big shark, looking for blood, 

Wanna give in, you know I could, 

Wanna give up, you know I should, 

Wanna loose hope, but I still won’t, 

M-E-G-A-L-O-D-O-N, hear my song, 

Listen to the whispers of those now long gone, 

Listen to the people, man what’s wrong, 

Listen to me, I’m forlorn.


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