Twisted Truth

I twist my lips until all the truth comes out,
But you grab my words and dump it all in the trash.
You shake me up until your truth comes out,
But they never fall because they are all lies.
You throw me away like a dirty old rag,
and you let your words slap me on the face until my face goes raw.
I get up and once again twist all my words out,
and you look down at me and reach for my heart.
Your touch shattered my heart into pieces.
Your touch burn my heart to heatness.
Your touch hit my heart to death.
and there's nothing I can do but look into your eyes.
and what I see are blindness of love that you have for this Evil Touchy man.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the truth hurts

your choice of words are compelling, but honest

clarify the last verse-is it you have for the evil touchy man or i have for this evil touchy man

poem seems to reflect about you (unless i'm wrong)



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