life in a letter poetry slam

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Dear Precious Angel Floating Near, A Piece of Heaven Fallen on My Shoulder,   It ought to be amusing. Observing as I Trip over this clumsy life and Tread around the trials placed upon my path by
Dear Precious Angel Floating Near, A Piece of Heaven Fallen on My Shoulder,   It ought to be amusing. Observing as I Trip over this clumsy life and Tread around the trials placed upon my path by
  Dear Dad,    They told me Time heals all wounds. They told me the stinging feeling I get in my eyes Every time I think of you
Dear Alzheimers   How dare you? How could you? Take a beautiful woman full of youth, strength, and beauty And eat away at her until she was nothing
Dear anxiety, I feel a pain in my chest. Is it you? It's like someone is stabbing me With a rugged knife. Or like someone is gripping my heart tightly With their sharp claws and isn't letting go.
I'm tired of both of you getting me down. All you do is make me sick and leave me feeling empty.  I'm not dealing with this anymore.    I'm growing up both mentally and physically. 
Dear Change,   Don't you know how bittersweet it is, to have you come and go in my life? One moment you come and bring promising news, promising outcomes.
Dear Life,   Our relationship has been rocky, to say the least.   I hope you're well. As a matter of fact, I know you're well. But you weren't for a while there.
Dear child, here's to us,   Do you see it? Feel it? Hear it? Smell it? Sense it?   Take a moment.
Dear Dad,   It doesn’t matter how you tell me It doesn’t matter what you tell me It doesn’t matter how much you tell me   My mind, just doesn’t work that way  
Dearest Adriana,   I can remember when the sun had shone, So brightly through my car window, As I drove hours and hours to finally behold
Dear bully, I wish it'd been enough to have me hiding in the stalls. I wish it'd been enough to write those mean things on the walls. Was it really necessary to throw my bag out in the rain?
My balloons never really had a name or a purpose, 
Dear Fear,   How are you? I just wanted to check up on you. You’ve been around constantly lately. When are you going to go home?
Dear Use-To-Be-Friend,   I thought we would be together until the end, But our friendship had ended in a bend.   You went one way, I went another.   I found out how toxic it was
To Whom I Loved,   I extend to you now the tendrils of memory that so often slip between my thoughts, those sentiments I alone harbor and suppress,
Dear Mirror, I'm sorry You've seen It all. It all  Began When I bought you. When I bought you, I didn't realize How much I need you. I need you To tell me 
Dear Jake, When the last glimpse of hope is too far in the distance for you to reach Remember Remember that you have braved the clench of depression
I know you don’t understand this, but my heart thinks about you literally every second when I’m not talking with you.   Don’t worry, my heart is thinking of nothing but you when talking with you too.
Autoimmune By Jillian Horton   Lovely Tulips, I’m so grateful you’ve come to join me, In this land of dirtmuddust, Texas weather and tea.
To the next person reading this,   This random lady use to tell me, "Your dad loves you a lot." Hearing that, my natural response is to just smile and walk away.
Dear Dad, You were my most influential teacher I learned when I was six When given a choice between A glass bottle and your daughter's hand
They say, “You’ll understand when you grow up.” But, I seem to still not understand it. I’ve grown tall, but the change is too abrupt.
Dear Future Self,   What a classic line to take. This has been a long time coming. I'm sorry I made you wait. Well, what can I say. You know what I know. We are the same.
Dear past self,   _____________1______________   I should probably let you know I sent an arrow flying into my mindHoping it'd find someone cool I could write toBut somehow, it targeted you.
There may be times when you are feeling down, when someone blows your rekindling ember, and you can't help but put the biggest frown, or raise the flag in white to surrender in front of many people who've shamed you
Life is an adventure. An adventure that will continue on whether you take the reins or not. You will experience ups and downs.On this adventure you will get moments where laughter turns to painful sides aches and tender cheeks.
Dear Ordinary Introvert, Whoever you may be. I understand the world's a scary place, As far as the eye can see.   It's hard to take the first step. To turn the handle on the door.
Dear Friend, That is no longer a friend, I truly wish you well.   I agree it's hard To walk past you And to know we have grown apart.   We have our memories
Dear White People,  You say you are scared of us because of "our violence", "our words", "our faces", "our demeanor". But did you know, you scare us because of  your hate,
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