Dear Auntie

My balloons never really had a name or a purpose, 

Except, maybe, purple star balloon & “Congrats” balloon and to 

Prove to me that maybe you do care. 


On the night that I was given these balloons 

I thought to myself these balloons are worthless 

As I tied their strings to a chair in my room. 


I underestimated them. 


Under the mercy of my fan above,

my balloons at first floated in circles across the room, 

One always leading the other through their travels 


One day their strings became intertwined, 

I untangled them but after several  

Of their travels around my room  

They became intertwined again 


It seemed like destiny, so I left it alone. 


Then they danced. 

Still, under the mercy of the fan above, they danced. 


I enjoyed watching them dance

all around my room

still withstanding the ups and downs of life. 


It was a routine for them. 

As my balloons circled my room, 

They slowly descended down and 

Then slowly ascended up. 


It was something about their environment 

That made them do that 

Same routine in the same locations 

With little variations to it. 


This is how they lived out their life 

That is until I discovered them one day 



Near my lamp, 

On the floor. 


I tried to make them dance around my room again 

But they would fall straight down each time together, 

Their strings still intertwined 


It seemed like destiny, so I left it alone 

And decided to commemorate their life  

With this poem 

Because anything  

that has an impact on you 

is worth noting. 




Janise H.



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