Heaven's Halo

Dear Precious Angel Floating Near,

A Piece of Heaven Fallen on My Shoulder,


It ought to be amusing.

Observing as I

Trip over this clumsy life and

Tread around the trials placed upon my path by

Your thumb.

I hear that little snicker, you know,

Singing in the margins of my misguided efforts.


But laugh all you like, little angel.

I don’t mind,


For when I am crying

in a cold, dry room,

You hurry close and

Catch my tears to

Water the roses

growing below my

soft, fleshy cheeks.

You hold my wilting heart within your

Baby cradle hands

And hush the weepy melody

With kisses on my nose and

Poems of

Lullaby blue.


And when I am singing

On a yellow day,

You harmonize and

Skip around in circles on the

Spirals of my mind.

You twirl your fingers in my curls and

Blow kisses that


On the surface of my skin.

You send me dreams

Of china dolls and pastel cats

Searching for the answers in a

white rose garden.


So, thank you, angel,

For your patience.

I know I’m rather


I have not solved the

Riddle of this world.

I don’t plan to.

I do know one thing, though:

I’m glad I have you.




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